What people don't understand is

why the F would you que for a classic dungeon looking for T-mogs when if you run inside with a higher lvl toon you wont scale to the dungeon lvl?

Seriously? My mage is my alt…the only thing for him to do all day is farm instances and run other alts. I have a friggin addon just to tell me when I can run 5 more. I game hard. Why do I get to be told the sole reason i made the class to begin with isnt “ok”? Just because you assume I fall within a category of “exploitative”? I made the mage primarily to play the game in a different capacity. This class allows me to do 5 instances, or portions quickly. 5 times an hour, ok. Now I can only play that character 6 hours a day to play it the way i enjoy?

I get your point. try to get mine.

So despite the fact they said it was to curb bots, you’re just gonna pretend it’s a whole nother reason why they made the change? There is a more obvious answer, They are incompetent.

When did I say I was queing for T-Mog? :rofl:

Hence Retail having LFD. As those against “Paid Dungeon Boosting” would be using instead of looking at Chat. Not to mention some (not all) claim they don’t want to be ran through, anyway. Hence, the Level Scaling. Let’s not forget Gold isn’t even a factor, in Retail. There’s not this large community spamming dungeons just to make Gold.

you are the biggest sore loser ive come across in a while.

“waaaaaaa people have more gold than me waaaaaaa”

“why wont blizzard stop people with more gold than me waaaaaaa”

go back to your trailer park where you clearly belong.

Atnol, in Blizzard’s post they specifically said “automated” gameplay.

And it’s hard to say that Blizzard thinks boosting or “EXTREME cases of gold farming” fits into the exploitative part, because boosting has always been allowed in every iteration of the game. It has almost never been punished, unless Real-world currency was exchanged. Also, people would need to be gold farming, like you said, in extreme amounts to have a significant effect on the economy.


Mine is my “Main”, for now.

You mean, the only thing you choose to want to do?

And, I have an RP Addon that helps immerse myself into the RP world.

I RP “hard”, so I’ve been told.

You and me both. Simply for being a Mage, I’m constantly chastised on the Forums simply for having a different opinion. Some (not all) gotta attack the Class due to this lovely preconceived notion about the Class.

You and me both. Tell you a secret, I don’t have Arcane Explosion nor Flamestrike. Or, any upgraded Fireballs (other than Rank 1 which is what you start off with) Don’t tell anybody :wink:

And, I get to effectively RP a certain way.

I hear ya. Some (not all) still don’t consider the RP Community to be “real” WoW Players.

Thank you.

I do. My point still stands that Blizz seems to be anti-dungeon spamming. No matter how much you want me to cry over your sob story :black_heart:

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im getting mass reported for liking the changes, mostly by boost sellers

people dont understand there isn’t a “reported for disagreeing” option

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Failed to explain why you’d use the LFD when you stated it, also lvling in retail is also a joke what with the 700%+ exp bonus you’ll go through most if not all content pre BFA like it’s nothing, then say in island expedition from 110-120 and knock those lvling out in a day or two. That’s only around 1-2 weeks of grinding.

Boosting you can only “live in dungeons” from SM-ZG assuming SM carry groups purposely go slow (because gear speeds the kills up).

Also you can always get a lvl 120 to run a lower lvl char through a lower lvl dungeon as they can one shot all the mobs in there anyways, the 120, and you have to run to the physical dungeon (hard I know what with flying and 2 seater mounts and all).

Real question for all those in favor of this change. How does it fix the 100s of hunters botting in the open world leveling? This massive increase leading to Qs on a lot of servers.

If you watch them they’ll also mine and herb anything within proximity, on top of killing mobs all day.

So how does 30 instances fix that?

Not a sob story. A legitimate counter argument. I have already unsubbed. Thats not an issue. Only have enough ties to argue the issue tonight before I give my money to someone else.

I get it, you are happy to lie down. Most will. Don’t necessarily understand your need to defend their choice on it. If you do then you do, no need to chickenblock the folks who want to make their point.

i like the instance spamming gold inflation being reduced, anything that accomplishes that i approve of

it hurts botted instance farms and boosting sales

double win IN MY OPINION (pls no report spergs)

Hey whats your favorite food? Just wanna know so I can toss a bucket of it back over in the retail forums

Don’t forget the word “exploitative”

“Exploitative” doesn’t always have to mean “automated”.

The reasoning as to why I used the LFD is irrelevant. But, I will tell you why. I wanted to see how long the ques were, soloing as a DPS. 20 Minutes.

Let’s not forget the Token :wink:

coding limitations.

Sorry that blizzard can’t just ban bots. How hard is it to create bot detection software. Private servers did it as a hobby and a big billion dollar company can’t?

Seriously you make posts like this, then edit them 15 times trying to add more validity then wonder why people report you from trolling.

You also must understand that they can’t just deter botting. Unless they’re in contact with the Chinese government and are arresting these people there’s no incentive to stop.
(I realize this is extreme, that’s my point. There is no actual downside to doing it.)

Honestly I could see unsubbing or rather not even playing when classic released after seeing the implementation of spellbatching and/or layering (sharding-lite) but quitting over daily instance limit? Lol.

Well, then you obviously don’t know the capabilities of certain classes or the concept of certain gold/exp farms. A priest can’t, some can. Just because a class can do more than 30 a day doesn’t mean its not a feasible means to spend your time in the game.

Lol to you, but i think maybe priests should only get 10 Fort’s a day. How bout dat

Funny how you claim this and I’ve seen a total of two other people who actually approve of this horrible change.