What new Alliance races would people ACTUALLY play?

arrakoa - though they’d probably need a bit of a redesign.

sethrak - hell, they could be horde for all I care, I just think they’re a really cool race.

botani - I love plant races. I know that they were straight up villains in WoD, but perhaps they could do something along the lines of once they came to azeroth they connected to the emerald dream and interacted with the wildgods there making them more tranquil or at least less “turn the whole world into a hivemind”

vrykul - probably the most requested race, aside from high elves. More requested than ogres even.


Do botani technically have a “native” shape, with transforming other humanoid races being their means of reproduction? Not that they couldn’t work, but they’d share a problem with Forsaken in that only a single possible variant would be playable (e.g. we know there’s undead gnomes, dwarves, etc but we only get undead humans).

A plant could be neat though, I could see them introducing something that’s like the Botani but more suited to being playable (fewer protrusions on the model and more streamlined shape to reduce clipping, no Borg-like backstory complicating things, etc).

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Not going to happen. Horde-race, was even teased as one during the Mag’har recruitment scenario.


Speaking of, High Elves became a thing because the developers insulted 45% of the community back then by giving them a compromise race. Was just not a good plan.

Should be rolled into the Kul Tiran at the moment. Another human race would be the end for the Alliance in diversity. Just give the Kul Tiran three body types (muscular, thin, massive) and they will fit the bill.

Idk about the Alliance but I want Horde to have Murlocs and Nagas. Alliance? You can have another variation of goats. Like purple colored ones with pink stripes or zebra heads. Thinks Yeah, sounds good to me.


I think the Alliance might get a cute Cat Race one day. Before we ever heard about Vulpera, we were sold the Vulpine Familiar, and now we’ve been sold the Sunwarmed Furline, with it’s adorable face.

So maybe something like this?

( Concept artist Tahra art.)



I want furbolg for the Alliance. I even made a thread for it.

Scroll through far enough to see the model section and tell me you wouldn’t want to play something like that.

EDIT: Eh I’ll include a picture of one of the mockups here.

By Lancelot


This sounds like a great idea, actually.


Since I’m a collector, any of them as I’d need to get the heritage stuff :slight_smile:



I think the notion that lots of people are going to play fish-men or whatever is way off base.


Ethereals would be a cool Alliance race, and Blizzard has kind of set them up to be one considering Void elves have a faction of Ethereals working with them.

  • San’layn
  • High Elves

Alliance for the most part are dull safe non sharp cookie cutter types. No matter what they get or you play the fact remains you stand beside NPC leaders of gutless, no back bone what so ever leaders.

The best leader alliance had (in wow’s life time at least) was varian wrynn and even he got gutted by his sons “DADDY peace please hugs a wrathion life sized doll” or Jania’s flipping back and forth to hug horde kill horde hug horde kill horde…Nooo hug horde! And then of course they killed him off.

tyrande had a spark of a chance to be a strong, bad *** night elf leader but I am 90% sure she will forgive the person who killed almost her whole race and burned her home down because that is just the cool thing to do.

So to answer your question: No race will stand up to what alliance would really want, and even as they pummel the horde edge lords into the dirt: they are still edge lords. alliance will always be about peace, flowers, trade routes and hugging each other - No matter what leader sits upon the throne or race / racial leader you get.

Most people who say they want ogres are obviously just lying. They think that other people think you’re cool if you say you want an ugly new playable race, or if you pretend that mechagnomes are something worth envying and not just an abomination. People should admit they believe we need more attractive elves in the game, or more furry races.


Yeah, if Alliance players want yet another reskin of Blood Elves… more power to them. lol


Arrakoa or playable dragons are really the only ones I am interested in at this point.

Though… ethereals could definitely be interesting.

I always thought Centaur would make a good Alliance race. (As opposed to Horde due to Centaur being at war with the Tauren).


Only if the healer can ride the tank into battle.

Playable dragon aspects. With a human / elf combat form and a way to change into a drake for a travel form similar to druids.

Ethereals are my top request. Their partnership with Void Elves would make it a pretty seamless alliance and I think we need a commerce race.

I can’t say I care what the majority wants since the majority of this game plays elves.


High Elves would definitely top the list, with or without paladin as one of its class.

Vrykul would probably be next highest.

But as much as I personally would like Saberon, I don’t think they would be played that much. Next the whole (outrageous) tail thing, the most asked for feature for Worgens is to have them NOT turn into worgens, which I think really shows where Alliance players stand when it comes to beastman races.

This would also apply to any of the other beastman races like Arrakoa, Sethrak, Tuskarr, ect.

So High Elves and Vrykul, I guess :woman_shrugging:.