What made Blizz change its mind on multiboxing?

For the love of the gods. People I understand it’s fashionable to be all “corporations are bad” but boxers are not costing Blizz profits. If they are buying tokens with gold farming, someone else is paying money for that token. The same amount of money is being earned by Blizz. It would be physically impossible to roll my eyes harder than when I see profits and maus being bandied about on here

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When multiboxing was a niche activity that required dedication and skill it was easy to make the call that it was fine.

With the advent of so many software solutions that have become increasingly “just get your game accounts, fill in some fields, set up your in game ui according to this template” the ability to do this simply became to widespread and subject to a tiny next step of “and then let this program run it for you”.

I looked at boxing this last year when I was considering Bruto chasing. When I saw IsBoxer I could see the sword of Damocles above it. Add in all the people who were doing it for Bruto money who now have done it and will still be doing it and you floods of gold inflation instead of the deflation the bruto was supposed to engender.

Add it all up and the scales clearly tip in favor of “nope the software has simply gone to far”.

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so, what stops blizzards from just creating that gold and sell it directly instead of using AH? Inflation? Well people that farm that gold to buy token also create that gold out of mobs they kill.

They already stated that they want every character to be controlled individually, so yes, the “automated gameplay” implies just that what you were doing when multiboxing and controlling your 30 minimized wow clients with just 1 active window.

I would add a third reason :

  1. Raw gold farming by bots are forcing an exponential inflation that affects the very value of tokens. When gold becomes less and less valuable, so will their tokens. Over supply of gold “farmed” raw by bots.

The software itself is harmless, of course, and so are most multiboxers.
However, the software also allow scripts that botters use.

They sell gold in the form of tokens. By “printing” currency without a means of increasing value, you are only depreciating it. This is why they do not simply create gold.

Lol, yes I get you. I did try to explain but I realized these are mainly kids who just want their own voices heard without clue to what real world accounting is. It is great to know someone else understands the fact that Mboxers ADD value to Blizzard. Cheers.

Ever wonder why promotional items and concert tickets limit the amount of purchases? Even Mcdonalds do that for their promotions.

Because they WANT more people to benefit, rather than one greedy kid who feels entitled.

So, in summary, multiboxers got shafted by botters this time.

No. The node isn’t unlimited so that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work. You either interact with it before it hits its limit or you don’t get it.

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One person comes across a node. They harvest it, triggering a timer. You see the node, and it vanishes in front of you. You blame…multiboxers? Even though you have no idea who harvested that node.


This statement will only shoot anyone using it in the foot:

This was a customer service rep, they don’t have the authority to define rules or say anything that wasn’t said or explicitly implied by a Community Manager or Blizzard Rep.

Customer Support won’t be able to provide any more than what is already stated in the Policy Update and Support Article.

that’s #1, anything involving token demand

The game simple evolved, and what didn’t use to cause a detriment to the game economy and other players’ experience, now does.

I think the tipping point was when people that used to use software like Honorbuddy to bot, turned to Multiboxing, effectively screwing the people that used to do it for fun, without bothering anyone.

My 2c.

In other words, weasel words.

Pay now so you can be prohibited later.

I’d rather not pay at all instead!

try explaining that to my bosses… “we need to be on mobile…” not everything is better on mobile but what do I know…I’m only a programmer…

No quite the opposite… they have had the rule explained to them, they understand the rule better than anyone on the forums - certainly better than you do.

In particular, this CSR is being very careful to not unintentionally restrict or expand the ruling by attempting to clarify the ruling. The CSR is stating what is obvious and well understood; what he/she knows to be the the intent of the ruling which is that characters need to be individually controlled.

blizz still stands to the side on multiboxing itself as its usually just more money for them in one way or an other. The software was the real issue making it easy for farmers to flood ah markets with surplus of materials crashing prices to low prices. Without any software aid players still have to play each character manually thus making it tech not against ToS. Remember 4% of blizz’s current wow market are the gold farmers from china, they know these cats arent going away anytime soon so i figure blizz is just playing diplomat as much as possible.

Via hardware, so multipc boxxing :slight_smile:

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This is directly expanding the ruling. Not a single post or article, by someone of authority, states or even implies that characters need to be controlled individually.

Clearly this CSR doesn’t. Nowhere, from an official source, does it say that characters need to be controlled individually. They pulled that out the bum, from a place of clear bias.

There gonna give multiwrestling a go.

It’s probably a combination of protecting their covenant vision, and the sheer volume of complaints. All they really did is make it less convenient though.

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Explaining how different the demographics are is really the only weapon you need in that battle.

Ask them if they like losing money. That’s a good ice breaker.

Someone at blizzard probably did the math and decided that it would be more profitable to ban multiboxing vs losing customers due to that. Maybe the ratios have changes over the years?