What is your ideal World PvP scenario?

With so many people unhappy with how the honor system has affected World PvP i thought this would be a good way for people to give feedback.

How do you want it to work?

All guards one shot people in cities and neutral towns?

Become immune to people who have killed you X amount of times in an hour?

If you are unhappy with how this has played out what would you do to fix it?

When I think about it, I think ideal PvP is the elimination of PvP and PvE servers and just have PvP specific zones.

Now the incentive for entering those zones is to have more lucrative quests and quest gear, so people who choose not to go and quest in those zones won’t be eligible for that content. I wouldn’t make the gear difference extreme, but ideally the best players for endgame content would be the ones who braved those zones.

All PvP honor rules stay the same though. Contested territories would actually be contested; meaning the factions are actually fighting over it.

I’d have to really think about flight paths and graveyards. I’m leaning towards having some in those zones, too, so if you aren’t hardcore into PvP then maybe you should just avoid it altogether.

Ultimately, I think that the idea of every inch of land being a war zone is silly.


I want everyone to use the awesome SPY addon!


  1. Reduce HK level range from 12 to 2.

  2. increase honor decay per same player kill from 25% to 100%

  3. any pvp kill outside the range of points 1 or 2 is a dhk (you kill someone more than 1x, it’s a dhk, you kill someone outside your level range, it’s a dhk).

  4. make flight masters raid bosses on the level of c’thun.

  5. Make town guards level 63 elites and make them spawn inside boats and zeppelins.



50 / 50 ratio to start.

Most ideal situation is close to 50/50 on servers- the further away from that you get the worse it gets to pvp on that server, and the worse it gets the more people leave, making it even worse.

Now- immunity doesn’t make sense- but, I think the ‘no honour’ debuff you get after landing at an FP should also apply to you right after you rez. It won’t completely eliminate corpse camping, but it’d remove some of the reason to do so.

Guards one shotting also makes no sense- but add more guards that can see through stealth (they’re guards, being perceptive should be part of their job), put guards on rooftops to prevent safespotting which is an exploit and Blizzard has called it an exploit. Guards perhaps shouldn’t be stronger- definitely not one shotting people- but there should be more of them, and they should have the tools to capture wrong doers- such as stealth detection, nets, charge abilities, etc…

It shouldn’t be a cakewalk to infiltrate an enemy town, and definitely shouldn’t be as easy as it is to get into a major city. The ease with which you can enter IF and move about as a stealthed class in particular is baffling, and on the flip side being able to effectively stroll into Cairne without breaking a sweat when Thunder Bluff ‘should’ be an extremely easy to defend city (few entry points, great sight lines, if practical the ability to simply stop the elevators to prevent access when threatened).

Oh- and definitely put some elites on boats/zeppelins. C’mon, you’re going to leave the main form of transportation in a war heavy world completely undefended? Seriously?

You want a system which doesn’t totally eliminate the weaker faction’s gameplay experience when things get out of hand. So you should question what should be guaranteed for the losing faction so they aren’t deprived of content.

Neutral quest in contested areas?
Probably no. You get the quest when your faction can get it.

Travel between cities?
Yes. So beef up boats and FMs.

If one faction is losing bad, should they still be allowed to go instances safely as an alternative or is it “Too bad so sad Reroll PVE Gitgud”?

Not necessarily unhappy with it. But my ideal wPvP scenario doesn’t involve addons that announce nearby players where ever they are and instead revolves around small skirmishes of 1-20 players.

Not a huge fan of mass 40+ combats that just revolve around AoE spam and lag fests.
Nor am I fan of large group of players that just steam roll much smaller groups.

The more equal or “fair” the match up the more appealing it is. Think more world based arena matches.

Not being outnumbered and permanently camped.
FPs and key towns with guards that actually are a threat.
Kill the SPY addon.
Enforced population balance.

  • 50/50 (queue forced)
  • No spy
  • No DKs
  • No guards
  • Diminishing returns at 10%
  • No incoming BG’s
  • 10x relative honor requirement to rank. No honor decay.
  • Controlled sub-factions outside of towns (with rank still determined against ‘core’ faction). Too many horde? Horde split into two sub-factions to duke it out. It’s now 3-way. Alliance are safer. WPvP is more dynamic.
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We screamed warnings when Blizz released DM early,
as it was a sign of things being rushed and a change in course veering from #nochanges.
We warned that we would leave if phase 2 was released early. We knew wPvP would be a limited life on servers before BGs would be released. It would be a once in a server’slifetime thing. These folks aren’t returning.

In other words, the most toxic players are calling the shots, and Blizz is listening. You have a majority of basement dwellers and tryhards that took over a project that relied on patience and nostalgia.

I’m a fan of how RuneScape handles its “world PvP” by incorporating level brackets so players can only fight if their combat levels are within a certain range of one another. While I personally don’t really care if a geared 60 rogue jumps me for the gank, I know it upsets a lot of people that they can’t level well enough because of high levels messing with them, so I feel like having said level brackets in WoW would be swell.

What WoW has always lacked was checks and balances when it comes to wPVP, mainly because the game wasn’t really designed around it. So things like NPC scaling up the more they are killed, DKs, immunity, or some form of penalty if the level difference is great enough, not a fan of PVP zones and non-pvp zones on a PVP server but more guards in what would be a non-pvp zone.

This is how you kill world pvp. Clearly someone got camped too hard.

There shouldnt even be DHKs, and the gap should be 9 levels, not 2, on top of completely removing the reduction of honor, until the same player has died 10 times to your hand to avoid “win trading” hks.

Edit: Rofos ideas are more up my ally as far as what i would like to ideally see.

That’s a really good idea! I like it!

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The current system is honestly fine. Ideally I just wish dishonorable kills extended to players that were of a far lower level. Like, the 60s that go out ganking in Red Ridge or grief lowbies in Darkshire would ideally lose honor for doing so.

If honor loss isn’t harsh enough, then perhaps a bounty system in which they kill enough lowbies that they’re worth a fat pile of honor to goad 60s to actually come out and deal with them. Maybe they appear on some sort of bounty board.

I’m well aware ganking is a thing on PvP servers, but there’s really nothing fun about it on the receiving end. Whatever ways could be thought of to promote more level-even PvP combat would be awesome. That’s the best part of leveling on a PvP server, the danger, the feeling of overcoming someone in the world so you get the mobs or the resource nodes. There’s really no fun when you’re in STV all evening fighting 35s with your 34 and some sore loser gets their 60 alt and camps you. I’m all about good sportsmanship. Kill someone and then leave them alone unless they attack you back. Camping to me has always been in poor taste.

There was one night in which my friend and I were questing in Badlands and killing the 37ish Horde we came across. There was a lot of back and fourth and it was a lot of fun until one of them went and got their UD rogue (of course) alt and began camping and killing Alliance. We peaced out and went to quest, only to be ganked over two hours later by the same rogue because he was STILL camping people and killing lowbies. Like, sore loser much?

Of course that’s all wild pipe dreaming, just my IDEAL scenario that would never, ever happen.

I think the question is “what can Blizzard do?” Obviously Blizzard cannot control what faction and server each player chooses.

I think “ideal” for the complainers goes something like this: “world pvp is turned off until I personally reach max level and gear up, then it turns on”. That is actually available in retail WoW in 2019, since you can simply turn war mode off until you want WPVP.

So basically you want ALL players to get into one zone instead of one server?

And that is where the problem comes in. Players choose to play on a server that they are flagged for combat and where short brutal lives between many deaths SHOULD be the norm then they complain on the forums when that is the norm.
They chose to play on those servers knowing this. They should have chosen a normal server as that matches their preferred playstyle more than PvP servers.

I think the word everyone hates most would help a lot here. Layers. I know I’ll get hate for saying it, but those triple raid groups camping the entire range of FP to BRM wouldn’t be possible with layers. People would be forced to split up for more effective farming. Smaller battles creates a more “winnable” environment for the smaller side. Nobody is even going to bother trying to take down an ocean of red names, which leads to exactly what we’re seeing with the massive transfers and people taking a break from the game.