What is the phone number to Blizzard?

Every number ive found to call their customer service department doesn’t work. I would like to file a complaint through the proper channels. What number do i call for that?


There isn’t one, their phone line isn’t for people to yell at someone. It’s only for billing an account issues, not rants.


If you don’t want anyone to reply to you, than don’t post on an open form with anyone in good standing can post. You don’t say who can and can’t reply to a given thread.


Blizzard dropped the phone line call in because of people was tying up resources better served elsewhere. If you want to complain, post on General Discussion or twitter.


Common sense would say, if they had a line to file for such, would already be out there in the wilds. Given the fact there isn’t, they don’t want a line just for that. More to the point, the Blue posters are mods for this form, they’re not a way to get what one want because they say so.


Greetings and welcome to Customer Support, not to be confused with Customer Service. This here is a forum for players to assist other players. It is not a way to get in touch with GMs, Devs or QA. While we do have some rather rad Blues here, they are moderators and are here to offer insight and advice. No one is guaranteed a response from them.

If you don’t wish for responses from other players, don’t post. You cannot dictate who can or cannot respond to a thread.

That said, if it’s in regards to a ticket you’ve had open, the best way to direct a complaint is in the survey you were provided with once the ticket is resolved. Otherwise, the only other recourse you have is to post your issue in General Discussion or the best-associated forum or to use the in-game suggestion tool if it is something you wish to see implemented or addressed.


Thanks for your reply, it was a professional one. I will look at a different avenue.


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Good luck with that. He doesn’t have a say in the day-to-day running of Blizzard.


Perhaps, but unless you have feedback for Activision, it would be better to direct whatever feedback you may have appropriately. We don’t have a phone line available but we do have different avenues depending on what your issue is.

If you wish to provide feedback about a response you may have received from our Support staff, there should be an option to answer a survey once your ticket has been marked as resolved. For game feedback/suggestions, it would be best to submit your suggestion through the in-game main menu through the Support page.

If you have feedback on our Support Page or related subjects you should be able to post here.

To be clear, Dumbdead, these forums are here for players to discuss the game and related aspects with each other. It is not a contact point for staff.

Also know as, advice based on experience. Since he’s right, we don’t have phone lines for “complaints”. When they were available they were for Tech and Billing issues only.

Good luck to you.