What is the gold cap in wow?

would like to know please

9,999,999 is the current gold cap PER character.


1 billion gold?

Okay so much does it cost to buy that gold by buying wow tokens?

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No. 10 Million gold is the cap. Per character. Also applies to Guild Banks.


If the tokens are selling for 125k, then you would need to buy 80 of them to reach gold cap.




There is a limit of 20 Tokens per week you are able to buy.
EDIT: Under current prices that means: Approximately 2.38 Million Gold /week.

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So how much does that add up to total if wow token was for about say, 119k?

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I am not your calculator, zombie.


Current price is 119,020

10,000,000 / 119,020 = 84 Tokens needed. 84 x $20 = $1,680

If you can’t do this math on your own, I strongly advice you against doing this lol.


Thank you.


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The current cap is 1,000,000,000 gold per account without storing anything in your mail. You can have 10 million gold on each character, as well as 10 million gold in those 50 characters’ guild banks (Thanks, Kalli!). On one account, you can have 50 characters, so 50 small x 20 million = 1 billion gold. I haven’t hit the limit yet, unfortunately, but I hope to get there some day!


Somebody send me 999.999.999 gold so I can test what happens when you loot more gold. Thanks


Not true at all. If you want to get technical, each of those characters can have their own Guild Bank with 10 additional million more. :slight_smile: Then there is a matter of playing Mail shuffle as well where you can store untold number of gold there too.


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OOo good point! I didn’t think of bank guilds and also I didn’t know there was a gold cap on the guild bank lol, my guild only has like 3 million bc everyone keeps repairing. I’m gonna edit my post, thanks!


Just wait, the tokens going to go back up to where it was now that the corruption vendor is out. Noones buying tokens to purchase corruption gear off the ah or very little anymore. Very little of that is the bruto mount although I’m sure a few people spent their stimulus for it.

I think it was originally like 5-800$ right before the stimulus went out with the price of the token at the time, it went up over 1k when it did and I’m sure it’s now around 13-1600 like someone said up top.

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Correct. You’ll see an uptick in 3 phases:

  1. Beta announcement and subsequently release.
  2. Pre-release patch goes live. This is the patch with the special events leading to the launch of a new expac., usually accompanied by the new changes like our incoming level squish.
  3. The first two weeks of Launch. It can go as high as 300K per token, but the usual average is anywhere between 220K-270K. It will depend how well received the expansion is.
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