What is the gold cap in wow?

No it’s more that I was thinking I have money in real life, and to save the drama from raids I will just make enough gold to pay for AOTC each patch and be done with it

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Play on US, hasn’t gone above 160-180 as far as I know :stuck_out_tongue: Lol look at china rn like 380k.

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If for some unknown reason you wanted to do this (do not do this) then at least wait until the tokens spike up again.

For EU they get close to 300k during expansion / game releases. I am sure they spike in US too. At least wait until the pre-patch.

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That’s what I would do personally, Tbh I was more hoping they’d keep going down but the vendor is clearly showing that it won’t, it’s gone up by 10k probably over 3-4 weeks.

I do play on US lol.

When BfA launched the Token was around: 228,000
During Legion it did touch 300k specifically during BlizzCon if I remember correctly.

There’s webpages that keep track of the history and prices.

Yeah I tried to find it but I don’t remember them being that high I could be wrong. I thought the highest they went were like 180k a year ago before i left.

They go over 200k at the start of an expansion