What is gdkp?

I’ve recently hit 60 and I’m seeing lots of “gdkp” groups. Is there anything to watch out for here? Or are they a decent way of catching up / getting geared. Not many guilds are recruiting, but plenty of players are running these gdkp runs.


It’s like a dkp system but with gold. Who ever bids the most gold wins the item. Usually at the end of the run you add up all the gold then split it evenly better everyone so people that don’t need anything make gold and people who need gear get the items they want.


Alright thanks.

How does it compare to running with a guild / gathering dkp? I suppose one downside is the time involved, as players won’t be as geared, explaining all of the fights for those not familiar, etc. Just wondering who typically participates and why.

It would be like a pug, half carries there to make gold and half buyers there to get geared enough for raids to do in a guild or on their own. It’s usually quite a few people or a guild or two that work it out together so the run goes smoothly and they can make a bunch of gold with their mains that don’t need gear.

It’s great if you’re on the end where you don’t need gear. It’s great if you buy wow golds from chinese bots. Not so great for normal folks, though useable if you’re just trying for that one drop that you keep losing normally.

If you don’t have a fat bankroll, look for soft reserve or standard MS > OS +1 groups.


It’d work great if you’re loaded with gold and have an efficient farm you can pump out on a regular basis, the whole premise of GDKP is that gold talks so you can buy every item you want. I have no idea how much items go for in GDKP runs for classic, but I imagine items are probably going for 100-500g, and some of the more amazing items (like perdition’s or BRE) will go for much more.

So when you think about it like that ask yourself how much gold you have and if it’s realistic for you to go on them as a carry.

DKP is what guilds promise as loot system up until the point their friends and officers want specific loot, and then it becomes soft loot council.


Good for alts etc too, just not first time characters. People can make 100 gold/hr or more pretty easily these days. If I’m just trying to grab tier gear on a new character, it’s much more efficient to buy the items for an hour or two worth of work per than to roll with a pug and just hope I win the roll.
Even if you’re after something rare/valued like BRE, it’s still probably way more efficient to throw a days worth of gold farming at it then spend hours on hours running MC just to lose the roll.

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GDKP is just gold bidding on items, then the gold collected from the raid is split among all the members in the raid at the end. So you can make gold, or buy items, your choice.

It wasn’t really popularized until WOTLK. I say this because you’ll see people erroneously talk about how people used gold to buy items in vanilla from raids. They did, but it was very very rare circumstance and there wasn’t anyone using GDKP as a form of loot because the average player was bad, and likely didn’t have much gold to begin with.

Considering how easy classic content is raiding wise, it makes sense to use GDKP. Also gear became more abundant in general in retail so there wasn’t really much of a reason to buy gear after wotlk.

i wonder how people are actually making those thousands of gold to buy loot with. I barely managed to craft bloodvine


I made 8k on bloodline alone.

Good mages can farm anything.

One of our warriors leveled a mage for no reason other than to just do SM Carries for whatever the going rate is and another friend has a mage that he uses to sell HoJ runs. I think he charges 25G a run or a flat 650G. Not only that but these people who do carries keep most or all of the drops for these runs so they make even more gold on top of that.

Some people have leveled a warlock to do other carries that mages can’t necessarily do, such as DME or Mara Princess runs. Warlock with mining/herb is a pretty potent combo if you just want him for DME.


eh, i guess i’m just too lazy for classic. I think i should stop even dreaming about raiding cause i simply have no money for consumes.

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I’m not sure about these in classic but I ran them in wotlk and it was great.

Make 10s of 1000s of gold a week just with a few hours of raiding and when loot you want drops just pay to guarantee that you win

You never run GDKP as a guild run, it’s pug only. They were pretty popular in WoTLK and Cata, but I feel like they died out after that.

gdkp is the quickest possible way to get geared if you have gold. way faster than any guild can gear you out.

Its great period. You don’t have to have a fat bankroll. This is a valid source for gold making itself. Ive run these on new alts just to make gold so I could spend it later.

I’ve made typically 500g a run give or take. After doing a couple of runs I have plenty of gold to bid on items. It just means you may not get items your first run or two out of the gate. Put in the time. The money comes with it, and with that so does the gear. Thats how the system is designed to work.


THIS ^&^^

in 2 dkp guilds ive been in something like gem or dft drops and some rabdom newbie rogue wants to blow all their points and suddenly the item isnt up for bidding anymore.

GDKP is good for specific types of characters, those who want to make gold and the rich who dont want to have to /roll or wait months to get geared.

i thought about gdkp but im not a filthy rich mage main who can just funnel gold to my toons.

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There are so many legitimate answers to your conundrum…