What if they ban GDKP in Cata classic?

Wouldn’t that be horrible? Or would it?


Wouldn’t care, I make my gold through the AH.


There would still be tons of bots. Gold buyers use the gold for mounts, leveling professions and other things

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For progressive realms it is pretty much useless. Bots have farmed gold for 4 years now. There is so much gold in the game.
Besides, Cata and MoP kills most gdkps by itself.

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Just curious - how so?

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Difficulty curve gets too high. Happened in OG too.
At some point you can’t expect gold buyers to perform good enough to participate. It transforms into carry runs and those are completely fine - a paid service.
You can see that on pservers too. Some classic, tbc and wrath servers used to have (or have) gdkp rules, however, cata (and onwards) servers don’t have them because it is simply not popular to do.

For once the “too little too late” will be a positive instead of a negative. What I mean is, those of us quitting at cataclysm (most players), won’t be affected at this point.


Please provide data for your “most players” quitting statement.


“Trust me bro”


They should. Along with any boosting crap and pre-made BG teams.


GDKPS will still go. If ICC is any indicator, I attended very many ICC normal runs on my alts with cherry picked heroic bosses and it was still going strong.

I do agree that most gdkps will struggle to clear heroic raids, but there will be some hosting full clears within a few weeks. These are the same ones that cleared heroic lich king pre 5% buff in ICC though.

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It isn’t. Maybe 0% and at 0% barely and GDKP did a full clear. The bird boss in Firelands is already harder than pretty much any boss except LK on heroic and lets not even talk about heroic Ragnaros.

Thats the whole point. Normal GDKPs will not sustain for very long as people (gold buyers) want to buy the best gear possible. They will buy a buyer spot in good guilds/raid to get the best loot. And let’s face it - without gold buyers GDKP will slowly end (we have seen that in OG, i don’t invent it).

If there is anything I have learned playing classic.

“That’s how it was in og” is the most inaccurate way to predict things because it has been true almost never up to this point.


I mean gdkp were pretty accurate. They were a thing back then.
And also pserver information…

Idk! I’d be curious as to what the reasoning behind a GDKP ban actually is, what Blizzard say looks like, and what they are hoping for with Phase 2 SoD.

Ultimately, it’s on the game devs to cultivate whatever community culture they want, so long of course as that aligns with the business.

I’d be curious as to whether a GDKP ban pushes people to Cata Classic specifically for GDKP runs. If there are any significant numbers of WoW players who legitimately play the game but wish to use gold to pay for their subs rather than actual money, that might appeal to them.

What of the RMT crowd who would rather drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on gold for in game items than spend time playing the game?

And then, are there massive gangs of RMT companies supporting their lives and those of others through GDKP?

I definitely don’t know enough about “the dark side of RMT” or GDKPs for that matter to have enough of an imagination in that direction.

I have thought about playing Cara for arenas and GDKPs though. I had originally been very excited for it, but account-wide stuff and RDF just sort of sunk my will to play the new Retail Classic series. I suppose SoD is going that route pretty quickly too though!


No, I really can’t see a cata gdkp ban, the gold sellers need gdkp or ticket raid sales and wow needs gold sellers. Each token bought costs 20$ and gives a player paying between 13-15$ 30 days. Unlike subs which have a constant flow of money the ceiling on gold is technically unlimited, and a whale can vastly increase revenue. The difficulty for cata can be sidestepped with enough gold once the hardcore raiders put them on farm.

Though I can see cata being really good for gdkp as tedius as it can be, thus a primary earner via gdkp–>token buys, I am not sure I want to buy gold to mitigate challenges or be stuck in the expansion which makes you old. I would advise against going all in for cata until we know for certain if the stop point for classic is cata, mop, or even legion.

Which brings the question why did blizz ban gdkp in sod? Well they don’t have the token, yet, and having the bots in the classic+ beta doesn’t benefit them as they want the bots in cata. They prob don’t want the bots gone as though the money they provide indirectly is probably large, and having them in sod doesn’t benefit them as much.

But against that what would happen if gdkp and ticket runs were banned in cata, and vanilla era. Well the bots would go where the money would be, which might be osrs if it came to that.

It would be fantastic. Get those whales out of here.


Better go mining and skinning! :slight_smile:

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Who said that there was going to be RDF, LFR for that matter, in Cata?

What are you talking about?