What if... The name grab was the real stress test!

Sparkles and fire. Got my names happy camper who else!


I got mine. But wasnt ever that worried

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I scored mine as well. Was really concerned about being able to snag Fox… but got Fox and Die on the most populated realm. Happy camper as well. =)


Oh is that why we can create toons on servers?

I think you broke the code.

whispers Quick, someone take her out, she knows to much!

In all seriousness though, I was able to get my three names easily, but I never figured anyone would know the names I wanted.

Someone might have thought about one of them, but the other two, wasn’t even worried about those.

That would be funny. It probably showed better metrics in some cases.


Well all the disconnects and waiting to log on certainly stressed me out, so working as intended.

I didn’t get my first choice name but I got #2, #3 and #4 so I’ll call it a good night

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Hey abom, long time no chat. How’d you make out on the name battle?

Hey there Fox, Yea it’s been awhile been unsubbed since last year so I can only comment on these forums. I worked and didn’t partake in it. Waiting till vacation right before launch to Sub back. Thinking of going with a different name for my main actually. Might be time to start over again anyways. Fresh start in Classic. Retire this one.

Might not be a terrible idea. Sometimes fresh starts are best starts. I’ve been pretty AFK from the forums and WoW in general as well. Been apart of a different game community that’s super friendly and with devs that actually listen, so it’s been less worth it to me to deal with bs on the arena forums… but with classic coming… XD I enjoy building a reputation.

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I would imagine it helped them with some more data to try and make improvements for launch but we all know its still going to be a fustercluck for that authentic experience.

Well if some of the names I’ve seen were any indication most people had little to worry about losing their name.

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I know right?

I didn’t get saria but I wound up getting the name i had in Classic <3

Yea I am really excited to play old school Prot again and just see real character designs, talent trees. Just immerse myself in the game. When I tried BFA I knew at least we had this day coming. Now it’s almost here. Finally a real World of Warcraft again. Just miss the old game and play style so much. To stance dance again. Geeez been so long. Heck just having D stance again as Prot. Haha.

I just been thinking that Abomb had a good run and like Retail he should be retired with Retail and I should go back to my roots with Classic.

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I was one of the first into Herod (no queue). Made my dude, and the accept button didn’t do a single thing. My name isn’t even special, but it was gone by the time I had to relogin to fix the issue. I was pretty furious to be honest.

Most of the names I typically use are very rarely taken by anyone else since they’re so unique. But I wanted to see if I could reserve my real life name and I was able to :slight_smile:

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Oof. Didnt even think about that. But yeah 2 of my names were blizzard generated from like 06. The third was just a rando name i thought of yesrs ago. That was the only one i was worried about and i got it

The name grab was probably for gathering info on estimating basic faction population/ratio and a help in numbers on the servers over all.

Fox!! I tried snagging Cat but failed :< I went for Fox as well, but I’d rather you have it over anyone else <3