What if... The name grab was the real stress test!

You’re pretty good! MGS much? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got Bigboss for my rogue. And Sniperwolf for my hunter. I feel like my life is complete lol

What server was everyone trying to be on? Curious.

Sorry to hear you missed out on cat. Also <3 =) I rebranded myself all the way back in WotLK to Fox, and made a guild with my friend who rebranded himself as Falco, and named it Barrel Roll Inc. I happened to also snag Falco for him, and my other friend got Peppy, so we’re going to recreate that old guild. =) You’re welcome to join if you’d like.

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I didn’t actually play any MGS, just happened by coincidence, though I know the reference now. I happened to have Fox and Die in retail too, then saw someone with the name Foxdie and was like 0.0, i have both those names! lol

What’s in a name? For some its everything, for others just make up another one!

I think we’ve all been looking forward to a moment like this for a long time. Truth be told, I’m waiting for BC / Wotlk, but I never played Vanilla, so this will kinda be like an expansion ish type thing for me without actually being an expansion, and I’ll probably have fun. Scoped out a private server to test out what I wanted to actually roll and stuff and ended up with S priest.

I’ve had to restart my reputation a couple of times, and while it wasn’t too hard to do, I feel like having a bigger reputation from the start will help with guild recruitment. Herod was the highest pop realm, and apparently is the one that everyone was doing for an authentic classic experience. I just randomly went along with my friend’s pick of this server, but that makes it all the more crazy I actually got Fox. Can’t wait to actually get to play.

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Got Volpe (‘fox’ in Italian)

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I grabbed mine on 3 servers 2 pve and 1 pvp in case I go that route. I wasn’t too worried as Doranos isn’t super popular, although I have seen other players named Doranos on the armory.

I got two of the three I wanted and my third is one that is close enough to what I wanted that I’m not too broken up by it.

They honestly had other motives. They advertised it as name reservation. It was another stress test and it also helps when the game launches. Their databases won’t have to work as hard come launch day because alot of people got their character made already. Thus providing a smoother launch day.


I got my main character name on my two server choices and 1 back up name on main server choice. Glad that every game I’ve played I havn’t had my name taken which has been great lol

The name grab will give a better idea of how many servers the game could need overall. With 2 weeks and the servers being up for seemingly all of them based on the countdown from the play button it wouldnt surprise me if they run numbers daily to see how the populations are doing.

My guess is we could hear news by the end of the week of queues on herod.

What would be cool is if they opened the servers up for a test this weekend so we can let our fresh toons out to play for a while (wiped after of course) and then allow us to post on the forums with those toons.

It’s okay, I got Cats and a few others :3 Aw! I never knew that, I’m glad you all got the names you wanted!
I’m going to be playing with other Azgalor players, but I will definitely see you around on Herod <3

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i have no doubt it was a part of it for sure