"WHAT IF" Sir Denathrius returns as leader of

I posted this same thread in the General Forums, but upon further thought, here seems like a more appropriate place for it.

Wall of text ahead, apologies in advance. But I believe the reading will be worthwhile for those interested in the Lore.

The Scourge? Or at least leader of the remaining undead?

Although the Lich King is no longer a ‘thing’, the Undeads still pose a significant threat, and Northrend is still teeming with it, despite efforts to contain them as the Crown of Domination that Bolvar used to hold them back was destroyed.

Well, we know that Sir Denathrius is MIA, thirsting for revenge against those who imprisoned him (even briefly) in his sword Remornia, under the watch of Z’rali (The Naaru).

And also we know that Denathrius is the leader and/or creator of the Nathrezim (AKA Dreadlords) and that the Scourge, in a way, was an experiment by those same Nathrezim to battle against the Elves, during the glory days of the Burning Legion. (By warcraft.wiki, not sure if it’s still a thing or retcon)…

I can see a possibility of Sir Denathrius returning and taking control of the remaining Undeads in Northrend, creating a ‘new’ Scourge.

One of the few good things about Shadowlands was Denathrius, who fortunately is a very interesting and charismatic villain. I have a lot of sympathy for him and believe that, if well utilized, he has enormous potential to be a very memorable villain.

And perhaps him returning with the goal of controlling and creating a new legion of Undeads would be a great opportunity to utilize him well. (And to bring the San’layn back as well.)

Again, sorry for the wall of Text.

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I know people like Denathrius, but all he does is remindme of the massive retcons made to the dreadlords for no good reason.

I wish Denathrius was just the leader of the dreadlords as we knew them: manipulative demons who are masters of necromancy. I just don’t want to think of all that awful Shadowlands lore.


A leader would be more fitting. Have multiple sects of dread lords doing their things.

Like with the scourge one being ruled by Balnazzar.

But yeah as it stands, if something from SL isn’t from Ardenweald then it feels too detached from the rest of wow and needs a thorough retconning, preferably out of existence.

Ardenweald on the other hand at least got the advantage of being the deaths door for the Emerald Dream.

He could ether be the Lord of the Scourge or Lord and Leader of the New Burning Legion. I could see that happening at some point in the future.

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Why not both?

Agreed. Denathrius should lead both the Scourge and the Legion since he is behind both of them.

The Chronicle from what I’ve read never states that the Nathrezim were born from the Twisting Nether. Infact the Chronicle never mentions which Demon species were born from the Nether in the first place! I’ve checked just to see if it did mention them as a Demon Race native to the Nether.

The Red Shirt Guy made mere assumptions just because he couldn’t wrap his head around the wording.

The only thing Shadowlands retconned was the Illidan Novel(concerning the Nathrezim homeworld which Shadowlands retconned into being an adopted homeworld), Scourge Architecture origin(the War of the Spider book says the Lich King’s fortresses and structures were based on Nerubian Architecture yet the Maldraxxi Architecture is so similar the Scourge has to have used it for inspiration as well), the Spirit Healers and the fate of the Wild Gods’ Souls.

The Nathrezim are still Demons(whether they were born Demons was never stated in Chronicle as I stated above), still were forced into Sargeras’s service against their will, still created the Vessels of Domination(even if Zovaal gave them the Blueprints in the first place after stealing them from the Primus after catching him following WC2) and still created the Scourge(with only their inspiration for the Architecture being retconned).

Denathrius the now revealed true leader of the Nathrezim is the perfect leader of the Legion and Scourge.

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Obviously Denathrius would choose the legion over the scourge. The scourge are a bit insignificant for someone who was once a member of the pantheon of death.

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Denathrius is an example of a stupid dullard who created something (Nathrezim) smarter than he is and then claimed the credit for their accomplishments. He’s too unintelligent to be a convincing leader of anything.

Detheroc, if you fail us again I will personally flay you. When Mal’Ganis springs his trap, you are responsible for recovering the asset.

Do. Not. Fail. Me.

This is the Master’s final order, and I will see it executed correctly.

Detheroc apparently was securing an asset while we are distracted by Mal’Ganis explaining the rescue of Denathrius.

Denathrius apparently had orders on securing said asset before his capture.

As for the Nathrezim’s competence: Mephistroth regularly showed incompetence as did Varimathras. Detheroc was exposed because he didn’t bother to have his assassin loot his target of the SI:7 Missive showing his incompetence. Kin’tessa got one of her weaker Nathrezim allies to attack the Maw Walker for her despite knowing how much of a threat we are.

The only competent Nathrezim was Balnazzar(pulled a masterful scheme to corrupt Sir Thomas Thomson and successfully created the Scarlet Crusade) and Mal’Ganis(successfully impersonated us to sow chaos in our ranks and managed to fool Abbendis into creating the Scarlet Onslaught). Of course they were at their best when disguising themselves as otherwise they constantly get blindsided and act as incompetent as Denathrius.

The asset was Remornia, and this entire forum smacked you down the last time you brought this garbage up. Don’t do it again, let it go.