What if Blizzard sneaks in sharding/layering at

Deal breaker imo. You can’t have 10 kazzaks running around. AQ shouldn’t be layered. How would that even work? A gong gets rang on one layer but the other layers can still hit the gong? I’m not cool with the community being split for big events like that.


Impact on world pvp and economy.
Impact on having multiple world bosses up.
How does aq launch work with multiple gongs?

All excellent points but the last two are on the edge (in that they affect fewer toons). I loved to do world pvp even on a pve server (Crossroads here I come!), so how does layering prevent it? Maybe it lessens the number of participants on a layer, but there is still world pvp.
Again, I am not a fan of layering, but I am less a fan of queues.

Multiple ways.
I see chat saying xxx is under attack. I get there. They are on a different layer.
Or im attacking someone and they get an invite from a friend and disappear.

Oh. And despite layering they are already saying expect queues.


impact on world PvP - How so ?? world PvP will be fine as it is going to be removed by phase 2 and layering will only take place during phase 1 when the zones themselves become too populated.

This one I really don’t get, economy - how is layering going to screw the economy ? …or are you concerned it will effect your ability to monopolize certain items ? and it is going to be removed by phase 2…

Impact on world bosses - it is going to be removed by phase 2, very likely at least in part due to this issue.

AQ gate event - it is going to be removed by phase 2, very likely at least in part due to this issue.

In the extremely unlikely event Blizzard doesn’t remove it by phase 2, what does it matter as all you anti-layering people have already said you won’t play if layering is there and have then changed your minds to “I won’t play if layering isn’t removed by phase 2”…all you lot have done is show Blizzard how completely full of it you are.

Youre saying no one is going to world pvp in phase 1? Yeah right.

How does layering impact the economy?
Each layer means more rare resources to farm

And did you even read the op? The entire point of this thread is about possible use of shards or layers outside of phase 1.

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world PvP - will only be effected IF the zone it’s going down in at the time hits max capacity…don’t worry, there will still be plenty of people hopping off flight paths for you to gank on landing.

And as I thought on economy…you’re concerned about not being able to turn a profit / monopolize certain items, which isn’t permanent anyways because layering is being removed by phase 2…

and yes I did read the OP’s troll post, just another conspiracy theory attempt to enrage the community about a non-issue.

If anything all you people crying foul over layering threatening to not play, who then say “fine, ill play but if layering isn’t gone by phase 2, i’ll quit !!” is just showing Blizzard that if they do decide to keep layering or intro sharding that you are all talking Sh*t and will keep playing anyways.

Go reread the op. Maybe then you will understand why your continued use of “being removed by phase 2” makes zero sense.

Furthermore you can easily farm extra thorium/lotus/etc during phase 1.

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Entire point of this thread.
Hypothetical discussion about the use and impact of sharding or layering past phase 1.

Me - this is the issues.

Longburn - but its being removed.

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yes but how does farming lotus etc translate to a damaged economy ?

Doesn’t matter. World PvP is terrible to have anyway.

A buyer’s market is better than a cornered seller’s market. Not a negative against layering.

Still no confirmed instances of this happening on Classic.

No confirmed instances of this happening on Classic.

Fear-mongering will get you nowhere.

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you - doomsday prediction based on fantasy

me - what are the problems going to be ?

you - the doomsday prediction.

LOL, just give an answer and have a discussion, enough theory bullsh*it and conjecture.

Lets see - more lotus than a single realm is supposed to generate?

World pvp does not matter to you means nothing. To others it does.

Doesnt matter. The world is only supposed to generate so many resources. Anything that impacts that is a negative.

As for your last two - the entire point of this thread the potential impact of using layering or sharding beyond phase 1.

Which makes those arguments very valid

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I don’t care? PvP is garbage, and anything that may make people not do it is a positive overall.

No it isn’t. Anything that lowers AH prices is a positive.

No it doesn’t. Proof, or your points are baseless.

The person asked what the potential negatives were of using them outside phase 1.

I answered the question.

You pretended somehow the stipulation of phase 1 still existed.

But go ahead and continue to be oblivious.

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Just because it doesnt impact you does not mean its not an impact.

Doesnt necessarily lower the the price. People could horde them and sell during shortages.

And the entire point of this thread is the impact that post phase 1 could have.

You dont like it. Too bad.

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I will say this to you about layering:

Really ?, because you initially answered a question posed by someone else to someone else and then decided to spout your doomsday conspiracy anti-layering bullsh*t.

I simply asked for an explaination of your misguided beliefs so a conversation could be had, you instead chose to try and deflect and avoid.

Again, I welcome you to elaborate on your conjecture and have a discussion based in reality.

I don’t see why they would, it would be counterproductive. The kind of gameplay that facilitates is already served in the live game.

I don’t have a problem with layering in and of itself, especially if it’s only temporary. I do think it defeats the purpose of large-scale world PvP and competing for world bosses. To that end, it would be such a potentially significant departure from the vanilla experience that it might indeed be a deal breaker for me. Depends on how aggressively it’s set I guess.

I accept layering for a few weeks. That was the promise made. Any use outside that is a violation.

Im not deflecting. I was asked the negatives of post phase 1 layering. I answered.

You said layering was not being used post phase 1.