What if Blizzard sneaks in sharding/layering at

…areas with a lot of players like world bosses, massive pvp battles, or AQ opening?

They said they wouldn’t but you never know…

Deal-breaker? Would you quit?

Personally I don’t have any issues with layering, so no.


I really don’t care. It wouldn’t cause me to quit.


it would suck but i would still play. wtf am i gonna do go play bfa??


I’d still play. I can play with my friends and fiancee with or without layering. Meh.

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They just cant allow it. The amount of griefing that could go on purposely trying to shard/layer people. On top of the fact that you could have ONE hardcore guild farm multiple layers of world bosses.

It would be extremely bad look for Blizzard. I really see them sticking to there word on the Phase 2 layering going away


Id definitely quit

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Meh. I’d play with it for a bit and see how it felt. Probably wouldn’t matter much to me.

What if the sky was purple and, instead of rain, we got M&M’s from the clouds.


Whats the point in working for something when someone can just freely go to another layer and take that work that someone did and claim it for themselves. May as well include a free tier 1 set to people who log in.


What’s the point of debating a hypothetical pulled out of this guy’s rear?


Layering wont go away. Calling it now. Gates of AQ open and ‘whale guys we just need to bring it back for a couple months or so’

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I’d be looking up like this: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Me too…me, too.

People willing to spend thousands on a micro transaction are whales, not regular players who pay their subs. As far as layering goes, you may be right. You may be wrong. Even you don’t know. No one does. Why is everyone getting worked up over something that hasn’t happened?

I will choose to get mad when there is something to be mad about, otherwise, I’m gonna enjoy my time in Classic.

Edit: I guess not everyone is mad, just a few people who keep blabbering all over the forums.

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Me too, I would like some too.


Exactly. I’m pleased as punch. I got to participate in a stress that got extended. I got to work out my mods and get things ready for launch. I got to reserve my names exactly when and how they said I could. They said they would add servers if we needed more, and they have done just that. They’re following through on everything they said they would do.

The negativity is beyond grating. It’s juvenile and demonstrates a repulsive lack of emotional maturity and self-control. I’m excited, happy, and honestly a little giddy that I’m about to get to play my game again.

It’s not perfect. It was never going to be. There’s too much guesswork because there are no methods they can use to predict some of this stuff with any degree of accuracy.

I’m a little concerned by the fact that launch day could be name reservation day x 10…and I’d like to be given some kind of message or signal from the blues that they know that and have a plan. I’m sure they do, but it would be so nice to hear it.


Your post tells me a lot about you. Either your playing on a low pop server or you never played vanilla. Layering defeats any sense of community and world, I cant stand to think that someone can easily jump layers to get ahead of me because its there and they can abuse it to respawn mobs.

The fact that you’re worried about name day x10 clearly shows you have no idea what layering is. Layering IS their plan to “fix” queue times by “spreading” the population.

You have no idea whats in front of your face. Its oblivious.

Thank you for your awesomeness! We need more of this here.

Obviously no one knows for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if launch day was indeed 10x res name day. At least Blizz showed they could produce new servers pretty fast if need be, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they have them already on standby in case they need more at launch.

We’ll see how it all goes I guess. It’s gonna be a fun ride though and I’m so excited it’s hard not to jump out of my skin… or stop staring at this freaking forum!

Ugh, that only took minutes to type. Now to fill the next 283 hours and 50 minutes…

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I really do not understand all the nonsense. Though, i am a lone wolf player and dont muchcare if i see people or not.