What has blizzard been doing the last few days?!?!?

Yeah, and there are actions that could be taken that do not open up the game to exploitation again, and that do not make things like world buffs monumentally more complicated.

they had
you just didnt listen

You do realize I have brought that fact up repeatedly in the past few days, and that the measurement system was only changed after guilds were well established and people had reserved names and invested tome and gold into leveling, right?

New servers were created HOURS after launch. People stayed.


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Yep, actions like not mass transferring to a packed server cause their original was seen as imbalanced or dying. Transfers were opened up cause a large group was complaining about being stuck on their server.

Well they opened up and everyone dashed to the mega servers. If Blizzard offered free transfers to the small servers I bet few will take it. No one wants to take personal risk to try and rebuild a server. They would rather wait in queue for the other guy to bail.

They posted this after that thread about possibly going back on their word regarding layering: Popular Realms Updated -- 11:30 a.m. PDT April 16

It seems that is the step they have decided to take at this point.

And guilds that planned weeks in advance, coordinated upon release, reserved names, etc had zero warning of those new servers.

But hey, if victim blaming is your gimmick, by all means you do you, boo.

Quit with this garbage argument. We also HAD huge queue times, and people took the free transfer and we haven’t had any queue for the past 3 months, even BWL release wasn’t that bad. So why would I have transferred off if there were no queues? It has gotten bad recently due to corona virus, but also I guarantee Blizz let people transfer over to Herod when we were at max capacity. So now that we are experiencing 5 hrs queue, my guild and I are willing to leave with a free transfer, but you just decide to ignore all that and spew absolute garbage.


Just look at the comments for and against that have the most likes. Go from there.

I see a 187 for and a 162 against.

It was announced. People chose to stay after only a few hours of game play.


The reason why they dont offer free transfers off Herod. Is because
no one will transfer. They offered them in the past on Classic, and
retail servers. All that happens, is everyone refuses to
transfer, and expects everyone else to be the one to transfer.

Players were warned multiple times. They ignored the warning.
Players were offered free transfers as a way to get away from
the queues. Very few, if any, took the transfers. They refused
to budge.

Go and read my previous comment. If free transfers didn’t work, then how did we go from having 3-4 hr queues at the beginning of classic to having no queues for the past 3-4 months? And stop saying no one will transfer when literally my guild and I are willing to take it. We are offering to transfer servers to help the problem and you are just saying, “No one will take it.” How about you let the people that want off to take it and leave everyone else to deal with 5 hr queue times.

Let’s see those votes again but only count people with a level 60 on a high population classic server.

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free transfers worked for Incendius.

their queue vanished.

Yup, and Im sure Blizzard can see that too. After that thread was made, they instead capped the character creation on full realms unless you already have characters there.

I think the whole point is we don’t have access to that data and we won’t get it. You work with what you have.

what have they been doing?

Being non essential

Wrong. Overwhelming majority of people don’t care about the economic effects of layering because it’s only going to make all the hard to find materials cheaper and more available.

Yeah because the horde bailed lol. Those big tuff zugbois awwww.

Why does it matter? What do you care about the inner details of corporate life?