What happened to the Night Elves?

So just a random thought that occurred to me, what happened to the night elf hubbs? Darnassus used to be full of RP, but ever since its destruction I haven’t been able to find a nelf rp hubb quite like it. Anyone else notice this or am i just not looking hard enough? Anyone know where the nelfs went?

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Most are in Kalimdor. Think a nelf guild is in Stonetalon. Not sure if any RP in a zone that are for random RP.

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I would like to know this as well.

There is a few guilds based out of different places. Some in Ashenvale, Stonetalon or elsewhere!

Doren’thor being one. Astral Triune is another! I myself can’t remember the third…

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There is my own guild, which does not necessarily have a place set in the world we’re ALWAYS at for casual stuff (though given canonically Astranaar is held again, I have been interested in trying to use it as much as possible)

The guild mentioned in Stonetalon is Astral Triune, I believe they frequent the Farwatcher’s Glen? They are hosting a festival for Byltan on the 15th, at 6:00 PM server, I believe in Mount Hyjal.

I am unsure of any place Moonlight Watch or Shalla Serrar frequent myself.

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The only Night Elf hub is the amalgamated hub in Stormwind. It is difficult finding a place that is accessible to low-level night elves that is conducive to RP. Astranaar requires the completion of 1-2 quests to clear up the phasing. There is a dragon portal in Duskwood but that is limited in amenities.

I’ll definitely start hanging out in the places suggested but… We should bring back nelf RP! Glory to the Kaldorei and all that!

are there any discord servers centered around such a thing that anyone knows of? i’d be down to get one going if not >.> and if there were others interested.


I believe this is what you’re looking for!

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Oh wow! This is great. Thank you for this!

I’d love some RP in Kalimdor. Stormwind RP is great and all, but it can go sideways fast sometimes.

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No problem.

It’s true. Stormwind as a setting gets kind of boring after a while, too. ._.


You folks might know, why is there such a Stigma against Demon hunters in Nightelf RP scenes?

Arcane in general is frowned upon by Night Elves because of the ruin it wrought, so Fel is going to be regarded even worse. The thing with Demon Hunters is you’re basically a demon yourself, you’ve taken its essence into you. In the lore Demon Hunters have basically been outcasts of society and they were met with extreme caution similar to Death Knights when they returned.

Night Elf culture is big on nature and has a poor outlook on magic, so Demon Hunters are basically the embodiment of evil to them. Night Elves would have a similar outlook on Death Knights, Warlocks, and possibly even Mages. If I remember right the Shen’dralar were welcomed back with caution.


Well yes, it WAS. Until Legion happened and even the wardens were like. “Oh we need them”

It still is. Just like the Death Knights they were accepted out of necessity, not desire. Thousands of years of cultural practices, while they may be more tolerant due to a situation, won’t stretch out their arms in welcome to something taboo in the blink of an eye.

I think it’s mainly just IC. Because that’s the fantasy of demon hunters, they are the outcast and the dark fighters of kaldorei society. That’s not even just an assumption, it’s so core to their fantasy that it was acknowledged in Hearthstone’s mechanics for the class.

They’re not particularly liked even in Val’sharah. The MMO doesn’t have much character specific dialogue, so we have to take it seriously when there’s any pointing out DHs still aren’t the most trusted. Besides, the Legion is gone. Demons remain but are disorganized and wont threaten the whole of Azeroth again for a while.

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What happened to the Night Elves?


Just tried to join that Discord but to use it I have to verify by entering my phone number. I am not interested in that so I’ll have to just hope some other community comes along or continue to not play my nelf. :frowning:


They have an amazing natural ability to explode randomly. As in they almost always end in drama, it’s weird.

I just sit over here with my Ravencrest character like a true Kaldorei Chad.