What Else is being Cut from Wrath?

Man whatever happened to the no changes crowd? :thinking:

It’s really unfortunate that blizzard is actively sabotaging their own product at this point.

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The no changes crowd did warn us that Blizzard would make terrible changes if the flood gates were opened.

Here they are making terrible changes.

Gotta hand it to those fanatics. They were right.

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Roflmao you took the bait, Omg what a suckered, you could resist could you? Your so predictable that its actually sad.

Nah it’s just blizzard being stupid.

Because they cannot simply just do something well they -have- to interfere and screw it up somehow.

Actual cringe.

These were all posted around 2PM PST on 2022-04-19T07:00:00Z. I have no idea where it is that you get your information, but this knowledge was published and plain to see. There wasn’t a single site that I checked where it didn’t mention achievements.

You missed the information. There’s nothing wrong with that! But there’s overwhelming proof that this news was plastered all over the internet for the world to see. Take the L, dude.

hA! i WaS oNlY pReTeNdInG tO bE sTuPiD!

Mkay, using the wrong form of your purposely in a post seems pretty light and unoffensive, I guess grammar misteaks should be bannable and calling people idiots for simple clerical errors is the etiquette you agree with?

You’re lying. The only way to prove you’re not a liar is to start spelling and using English correctly. But you’re intellectually incapable of doing that so you’ll claim you want to pretend to be stupid.

You actually used the wrong words in 30 consecutive posts because you knew I would ignore it and on the 31st post I would finally point it out? Or are you lying.

Yep, sadly it seems like the mentality of not being able to admit mistakes that has been trashing retail is alive and well in classic. So now they’re doubling down on changes “in the spirit of classic” despite some of these changes being contrary to what literally was in wrath. And despite how poorly some of their “in the spirit of classic” decisions have been.

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There was never a no changes crowd. There were only people who wanted the changes they wanted and didn’t want the changes they didn’t want. The I want what I want crowd just used no changes when it suited them

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Amazing you finally caught on, lol was wondering how long you could resist the urge, You really think I would use it correctly after all the grief you’ve made about it in other posts, lol You even tallied it up. That is cringe,

Well they removed the disenchant function from the loot rolls in dungeons.

Which I’m sure was a huge requested change too /s

I don’t think you understand the difference between your and you’re, or there, their, and they’re or then and than nor do you understand what a homonym is. I think you were a rather poor student in elementary school and didn’t learn it then. Your scholastic ability didn’t improve in high school or college and you never took the time to re-educate yourself from the wasted and miseducation of your childhood. This embarrasses you so you lie if called on it to try to cover it up. It’s not like no one noticed. Both the above average students knew who was falling behind and the below average students knew they were falling behind. You can lie about it but I think you know who you were.

They’ll remove Arthas and the Scourge. No need to rehash Game of Thrones.

Hmm look at all those commas and conjunctions in that big ole run on sentence.

Here ya go, I fixed it for ya.

I don’t think that you understand the difference between the proper use of your and you’re; or the proper use of there, their, they’re, then, or even than. I also believe you don’t understand what a homonym is.

This is being cut from wrath :frowning:

It’s unfortunate that you can’t understand a sentence that is longer than 3 or 4 words. I can’t dumb it down enough for you to understand. If you were a child I’d try but you’re an adult so it’s your responsibility to compensate for what you failed to learn in elementary school.

So now your saying you purposely wrote like a 3rd grader? Interesting hypocracy you have there, berating someone for grammar errors and then trying to defend getting called out on a train wreck of a sentence and punctuation catastrophe. Sure, “I’ll buy that for a dollar!”

It’s such a problem talking to you with your poor reading comprehension skills. What I said was I can’t write like a third grader to compensate for your problems.

It’s not a train wreck of a sentence. I’m sure those who actually studied English would easily understand it. I get that you haven’t gone beyond See Tom. See Tom run. Run Tom run. But most of the rest of us have

Still purposely acting stupid?