What does Wyrmrest Accord think of BFA?

(Lyzettie) #101

But…people DID claim that Wod was horde biased because it revolved around orcs.

(Pärker) #102

Warlords of Draenor was biased to no one because outside of Khadgar and a few badguys the story was non-existant once the questing was done with. Yrel and whoever just shows up occasionally and that’s it.

(Baenura) #103


Which is how it was in Legion.

(Eledriss) #104

I don’t think the fact of the claim being made makes the claim not ridiculous.

It seems, Parker, that you’re saying Legion’s story was Alliance-biased because many of the lore characters involved were of Alliance races. Since they weren’t acting on the Alliance’s behalf, however, and the story they were involved in had no more to do with the Alliance’s goals or identity than with the Horde’s, I don’t think the characters’ species are of much consequence.


Decent for RP, absolute garbage regarding content and character progression/balance.

(Pärker) #106

No, Velen is definitely an Alliance character and the Draenei are definitely an Alliance race. I don’t know why you are trying to talk down their involvement. Sargeras may be a big, bad guy but his core story revolves around the Draenei race. You can say that may be the case up until the last main story patch.

(Eledriss) #107

I disagree. The Draenei’s core story revolves around Sargeras, but he doesn’t seem to care any more about them than he does about everyone else.

(Baenura) #108

The Horde had literally the same participation in the story as the Alliance did. The whole of Argus, just as the rest of Legion, was neutral and not even draenei characters got more content than anyone else.

(Pärker) #109

That’s what I meant to say.

(Pärker) #110

Okay? The horde were passengers to a story where Alliance races, Night Elf and Draenei, largely saw some kind of resolution, even if it was through characters being temporarily neutral or characters that are neutral now. Their pasts are intertwined with the pasts of their respective races in prominent ways. I most certainly felt more welcome on an Alliance character with all the Alliance aesthetics and story themes going on, than I was as a horde character and I think it fair to say it leaned more towards the Alliance than the Horde.

(Baenura) #111

The argument has gone from “the Alliance had more content!” to “the aesthetics were more Alliance-ish” so I think that’s about all we need to say about that.

(Pärker) #112

My argument hasn’t changed at all. The alliance got more content. Aesthetics and story themes are part of that.

(Lyzettie) #113

I mean, it’s a slight improvement over the previous argument

That the alliance plot lines are non existent, to “well theyre well written but losing makes me feel bad and winning makes you feel good so quality is irrelevant”

(Ursuola) #114

I didn’t say the plotlines were nonexistent. They clearly exist. I just don’t think the people in charge really care whether the Alliance enjoys those plotlines or not. They’re not giving us story to give us a cool story that makes us enjoy our faction, they’re giving us story because they have to, and it shows.

I would also like to formally add to my list of grievances the tendency for, whenever there’s a thread about how Alliance players aren’t happy with their story and faction, for Horde players to come in and sarcastically or passive-aggressively tell them their criticisms are dumb.

Since Horde players and Blizzard themselves get to be insulting, one can imagine the rancor and concern with decorum that would come if Alliance players responded in kind.

(Lyzettie) #115

And I’ll stop saying that criticisms r dumb when alliance players realize that just because the horde wins the imaginary slap fight, doesn’t mean horde players are enjoying the plot either.

We’re being led by a supervillain that everyone hates even in character and given no choice in our actions. And even for players who want to enjoy that, the main narrative character is another orc defector telling us we should feel bad about actions we mechanically had no choice in.

The tauren are narratively dead, the forsaken are all but earning their earned expulsion from the horde (even though it can never happen because of game balance) among other things

But that doesn’t matter!

We won the plot!

We ‘won’ so everything they happens to us is justified and verything the alliance complains about supersedes anything. But that’s alright

The alliance are the only ones suffering in bfa. It’s their character trait these days to bear the cross of bad plot for everyone though it affects everyone.

This is the natural result of deciding quality through a win counter.

(Baenura) #116

whoosh. :airplane:


Hah, on that note…

I joined in on this expansion because I wanted to see the Night Elves take a W on something. I’ve played a Night Elf since vanilla and it may just be because I was too young or inattentive to care/remember, but I don’t feel like the Night Elves, as a people, have taken a decisive W on anything. Or, at least not to the point that the feeling of triumph lingered long enough that I felt it mattered. I wanted to see a shin-kicking, face-punching, bloodbath slugfest over the course of the 8.x patches, and I was pretty sure everyone was going to get that.

Prepatch rolls around, Night Elves take an L at Ashenvale, Darkshore, and Teldrassil while we’re apparently stalemated elsewhere. Feralas, I think. Rough start, though nowhere to go but up. Except, 8.1, Tyrande goes off and does something that feels like it should be the prelude to John Wick levels of butt-kicking, but instead we just kind of plateau. The Night Warrior feels no more effective against creatures we’ve canonically fought before than a group of five player characters. In fact, maybe even less effective. Completely sidestepping how absurd I feel the rest of that mess of an update questline is, because the subject has been beat to death by now, Tyrande trying to be awesome but failing to at least severely wound/maim an important character (say, for instance, Nathanos) ends up feeling like another L. It’s not that we straight up lost in that exchange, but the story momentum is so limp that I don’t feel like I should bother attending in the first place.

Maybe I’m one of few (or alone) that think it, but feeling like there’s little tangible momentum in favor of the race I’m playing as makes it far less appealing to play the game or roleplay as my character. At all.

Edit: Whoops, posted as my MG alt.

(Enekie) #118

As had been pointed out multiple times, whether or not you enjoy the content is irrelevant to the fact that the content is made primarily for you.

(Lyzettie) #119

I wasn’t replying to you Enekie, I was replying to Ursuola

You really need to hold back on interjecting yourself into other people’s conversations to hold them to your own standards and ideas not being discussed.

(Baenura) #120

Alliance player: I am not satisfied with my story.
Horde player: your complaints are dumb.

Horde player a few moments later: please be more respectful, Enekie