What does Wyrmrest Accord think of BFA?

(Lyzettie) #81

“yeah but ours was worse you should be happy with yours!”

Isn’t that what people are doing in this thread by claiming that the alliance gets worse treatment so the horde can’t complain?

(Eledriss) #82

I for one would be delighted if Blizzard would pay less attention to the Horde for a while. Anything at all getting too much attention from Blizzard seems to be ending all but invariably in misery these days. I only hope that if the Alliance does start getting more attention as a result, the outcome of getting attention manages to be less bad.

I can’t tell if you’re talking to me or to Lyzettie.

(Enekie) #83

Not really. As I’ve pointed out, happiness or satisfaction is irrelevant. The argument is simply an insistence that the Horde continues to receive more control of the story and more attention and care.

(Enekie) #84

This would, of course, be ideal. Three solid content patches where the Horde gets robot-catted would do the faction endless good.

(Eledriss) #85

I keep meaning to look up the context of this. I’ve gathered that it’s meant literally and was a MoP thing, but MoP’s end-game is something I did not do when it was current and haven’t done much of since.

(Baenura) #86

In the top right corner of my posts there should be a little icon noting who I’m replying to but I need to work on just using the quote function in conjunction with it since the forums don’t do that automatically which is DUMB

(Lyzettie) #87

Priscilla ashvanes role as a leaders toxic advisor gaining power in order to over throw them is written much better than zuls transparent villainy and the stupidity required for it to work. The final battle is also much more entertaining than the assault on zuls base.

The waycrest coven and the restoration of the order of embers is a much more atmospheric romp and adventure than the blood trolls cliche baby eating villainy. There’s a much larger variety of quest lines and the zone has some nice themes and diverse locales, as opposed to swamp, red swamp, and dead turtle swamp.

As boring as the tidesages plot is, stormsong valley is much richer and more varied than voldun. And the less tiny furries I see the better. Not to mention the corruption of the tidesages and reveal of azshara ties closer into the overall theme of the expansion of overarching plot of the game than desert foxes and atheist snakes.

(Eledriss) #88

I wondered if this was just me. The times it shows the replied-to icon and the times it doesn’t seem to be split about 50/50.

(Baenura) #89

Yeah it was literally the Alliance’s Siege of Org questline. We controlled a robot cat to spy on Garrosh’s forces or whatever.

That was our big thing.

(Pärker) #90

Uh, did y’all not play the last expansion? We just had Legion of whom the most important horde aligned character/horde race represented was Liadrin. That story revolved largely around neutral races or characters and resolution for the Draenei. The core neutral characters being Illidan, Maiev, Khadgar, all notably tied to the Alliance at one point and time and characters whose stories end up being resolved in some kind of manner or put aside for now during the expansion.

The course correct WAS to give horde a slight bit more content this go around and honestly it seems negligible to me. Yeah there’s more, but it’s not drastically more and in no way do I personally feel I’m losing out here because I think the Alliance is generally better constructed, despite having technically less.

You can argue it should be 50%, but I feel like it’s fine for one side to have a little more than the other, especially considering the Alliance is in no way getting shafted representation side like the Horde was just last expansion.

(Eledriss) #91

I kind of don’t want to believe this, but believe it I do.

In any case, since the forums don’t want to show a replied-to icon for me, I want to clarify that I’m not saying that the Alliance should be happy with their story, due to my dissatisfaction with the Horde story or otherwise.

Both stories are unsatisfying and stupid. They’re just different flavors of unsatisfying and stupid. I hesitate to say that no one should be happy with them, because it seems like some people do like the plot for some reason and it’s not my place to say their fun is wrong, but everyone is equally right to complain.

(Baenura) #92

Idk, if your main argument is that having Alliance heroes acting as neutral characters in Legion means that was actually Alliance content… I don’t really know what to say.

The draenei “closure” was open to the Horde as well so I’m not sure how that “counts” either.

(Enekie) #93

Isn’t that because the final battle is a Mythic dungeon? That’s required to do to see the end of the story? Which Horde storyline is locked behind a required Mythic dungeon?

The Waycrest Coven is very good, I’ll agree. However, the Blood Troll storyline feeds directly into the raid and, it appears, into the greater theme of Old Gods. Regardless of whether you like it or not, the Horde story is the center of the expansion.

Indeed, the Tidesage plot is compelling. That’s why the Horde get to take from that, too. Where do the Alliance get to involve themselves in the Horde’s politics and subvert their allies?

(Lyzettie) #94

No, u see. It doesn’t matter if the main characters were humans, night elves, draenei and dwarves. They were neutral!

(Enekie) #95

Indeed, they were neutral. Neutrality was the entire point of the story. The main character, Khadgar, opted out of the story entirely instead of forsaking his neutrality. The Horde did not lose anything, nor were they attacked in a significant way, nor was their content curtailed for the Alliance’s sake.

The two situations are not comparable, since BfA’s story actively relies on one faction being treated badly. The Horde is given more care and their content comes from treating Alliance players badly.

(Baenura) #96

If a character’s role in the story only involves them being part of the Alliance either before (as with Alleria, Turalyon, and Magni for example) or after Legion (as with Alleria/Turalyon only returning after Legion was done with) then how can you try to claim that stuff they did while neutral was in any way Alliance-focused content?

Like, claiming they were neutral-but-Alliance is in and of itself bizarre.

(Pärker) #97

So the fact both sides participate in the main story events this time means they don’t count either? We get to see what happens, at least from our own sides perspective.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t count, it’s an Alliance race getting a major arc with Velen actually coming out and not only helping but being proactive in the assault. Feels pretty Alliance to me. I absolutely say Draenei count. You can argue the neutral characters don’t if you want, but to me I feel they do.

There were more alliance characters involved in the story and there were simply more alliance races just seen and having actual representation shown.

(Lyzettie) #98

The seige of borales has its counterpart Atal’dazar which is zuls plan.

The blood trolls feed into the raid like the tidesages will feed into the next raid. Not all of them are 1:1

Aaaand Void elves.

(Baenura) #99

Both factions participate in the story with members of their own factions.

Claiming that Illidan, Maiev, Tyrande & Malfurion, etc. stories in Legion were specifically Alliance content isn’t simply false, but just as bizarre as if I claimed that all of WoD was Horde content because the enemies were primarily orcs.

(Pärker) #100

Fair enough. Still, the expansion was more Alliance leaning even not counting those characters.