What does Wyrmrest Accord think of BFA?

(Eledriss) #121

This is kind of a public discussion. I wouldn’t say it’s valid to tell other players they cannot enter a discussion being held on a forum that’s just as much for them as it is for anyone else.

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(Enekie) #122

This is a false equivalence, I’m afraid. Nor does it seem fair to try to invoke the idea that I am somehow being rude when you’ve already made personal digs.

(Baenura) #123

Ah, I see you too are a master of repediting.

(Ursuola) #124

Untrue. Plenty of Horde players adore Sylvanas, specifically (but perhaps not only) because she gets to beat up on the Alliance.

And you’re given the option of telling that orc defector to go screw, with the promise that it will be more than just a meaningless choice.

Where’s my option to tell Anduin to get bent?

They’re setting Baine up in opposition to Sylvanas. And if the undead get to feel cool and powerful, but never have to suffer any consequences due to game mechanics, how does that not benefit them?

(Lyzettie) #125

When discussing how plot makes you “feel” over the content provided, interjecting the idea that feelings are now irrelevant and the only thing that matters is content is counter productive.

This entire thread all we’ve done is swing wildly back and forth either defending or attacking content based on “feeling” ie, it feels bad to lose, or “content” ie there were extra missions or dungeons for a specific faction.

We cannot hold both these things true at the same time.

(Eledriss) #126

I’ve been practicing for years.

(Serph) #127

time to dredge this out again I see

(Ursuola) #128

I demand one million tiny blue hearts.

(Enekie) #129

That’s not quite correct. Even if we remove the idea of feelings, we can study the nature of the events and see that they are intended to offer more initiative and agency to the Horde.

The Horde was allowed to initiate the attack on Teldrassil. The Horde was allowed to destroy the Undercity on their own terms. The Horde was granted story to lead into the raid. The Horde was granted extra benefits when the Warfront released. The Horde is given a brand new questline to satisfy the hurt feelings of certain players who prefer Sylvanas.

Regardless of how you feel about them, these events, and the privilege of being granted them, exists.

(Lyzettie) #130

The horde had no such agency in either battle. Sylvanas burned the world tree on a whim so we, the player could immediately be reprimanded by Saurfang to feel bad about it. And sylvanas purged the undercity on a whim after watching two cutscenes of characters saying we should feel bad about it.

I’m not quite on the up and up on the Saurfang hunt quest, but it sounds like we can either kill him and become the villains we were destined to be or agree with him and feel bad about being a member of the horde. None of these are on our terms.

Also I hate the ilvl requirements for warfronts too. But it’s gone now and if were pulling game mechanics into this the alliance is getting better warmode bonuses so clearly they’re privileged.

The horde was granted a story lead in to the story free intro raid, one of many to come.

(Enekie) #131

And? That was still the Horde doing it. The Horde choosing. The Horde acting. The Alliance forced into the passive role, even in their own retaliation.

That’s incorrect. Blizzard recently stated that they’re developing two separate questlines so that the Horde’s feelings will be considered.

These are both incorrect. Regardless of whether or not it was a mistake, it still happened and it still has to be heavily atoned for. The Warmode bonus is also irrelevant, since not only is it the result of having made the Horde incredibly more attractive, it doesn’t even fix that imbalance.

That is correct. The Horde are much more likely to receive the initiative to enter raids with more agency, given the privilege offered them so far.

(Lyzettie) #132

I’d rather be a losing scrappy underdog than a wealthy successful villain. Sounds like the Alliance needs

Orc voice: Hooonnnoooor

(Carldorn) #133

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’ve been a night elf fan since Warcract 3 and it saddens me that Blizzard seems to avoid giving them any major content or victories until BFA and then we lose our major city and lose in a big way. Tyrandes powerup should have been a savage and extreme butt-kicking moment but it fizzled out like a cheap firecracker on the 4th of July. I’m convinced this is because the people writing the story want Nathanos and Sylvanas to always be at the forefront of the story. The changes made to the darkshore questline were only made after fan backlash and even then it didn’t do much but kill no-name forsaken NPCs.

I’m ok with the faction war storyline but the night wolf storyline deserves all the criticism it gets. We lost our major city and many of our people so why are we still lacking any meaningful comeback? I hope it changes as BFA rolls on.

(Eledriss) #134

I am, again, confused. Are you saying that Horde players should “atone” for having benefited more from Warfronts than the Alliance did when the feature first launched?

(Zenrao) #135

I don’t mind arguing over moral issues. Hell, I’ll admit I enjoy it. But come on.

Surely people can agree to disagree over an opinion of a video game.

(Baenura) #136

I think it’s more that we were posting about our feelings on the state of the game and someone tried to turn it into an argument but mostly got dumpstered and fell back to “no you’re dumb” and complaining about the thing they themselves were arguing.

(Serph) #137

Enekie does tend to do that, yes

(Enekie) #138

I’m saying that the bugs that mysteriously favored the Horde should be extended to the Alliance.

The Alliance should get an extra week of farming rares. The Alliance should be able to enter with no iLvL requirement for the first week.

You are welcome to come join the Alliance, then.

(Baenura) #139

you follow her around like a LF poster, dude.

(Lyzettie) #140

I already have an alliance character, how do you think I know how all the questing content is better?