What do you guys think about lowbie ganking?

Its a video game

I actually don’t mind it if you kill me on your way to somewhere and leave it be after that. It only gets annoying when you sit around do it over and over. PvP happens on PvP servers, but no need to go above and beyond to be a jerk.

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2 hours after transfers opened.

There is fun to be found hanging out with people in various places and acting out life as the character being played in the world it lives in; taking it from the Game level to the Performance level and discovering the various stories and interaction found in good role playing.

I’d say that it’s equitable to random ganking as a filler content element, with raiding and dungeons being the mainstay common between RP and PVP realms.

Mostly agree with this point of view. That gank tend to cry the loudest on forums and on level one alts after being ganked themselves.

Swolebenji what do you think of the fly hackers and legion spells in classic? Check my thread: Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE* - #186 by Msin-thunderfury

It’s gotten worse man. People literally teleport from town right on top of black lotus, then teleport (not the spell) right into the auction house to sell it.

“FixWallJumps” I wish they never fixed this. I spent hours climbing stuff back in vanilla. Was really fun. :frowning:

I got 1 day of sub left then I’m quitting for good for Albion. I couldn’t find like-minded people to play with in an entire year on any discord, server, or forum community so no point to try another year when it seems any based-lads that might have existed prior have most likely quit too.

Besides, there’s nothing left to do in the game I haven’t already done. Yeah sure Naxx is coming out but I did that back in the day so it’s nothing new or exciting, and my rogue is geared enough to full combo even Asmongold from 100 to 0 before stunlock ends.


“Several studies have produced evidence that self-esteem has a negative relationship with the frequency and intensity of schadenfreude experienced by an individual. This means that the less self-esteem an individual has, the more frequently or more intensely they will experience schadenfreude.”

Basically pitty people.

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Add me on discord I play Albion too Teredin#4202

So you’re saying my sadism is due to self esteem issues? How can that be?

I’m in near perfect physical condition.
I can’t grasp middle school algebra, but I’ve moved on from that.
I have enough money saved from working retail to live in a van for 6 more years without starving.
I’m straight edged. I always try to do the right thing like stop a shoplifter even if it’s dangerous or if it gets me fired.
I’m always kind, smile at people, help them out with nothing in return. Not with money, but with time invested.

I don’t think that assessment is correct. I just like to hurt people that deserve it. (Criminals, alliance, etc.)

Walljumps just add “SwoleBenji” on Albion. My discord’s bloated with youtuber contacts. :expressionless:

You like to get the aproval of others, showing how much you achieve etc. It’s a good indicator of low self esteem.

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I equivocate excessive ganking with going out driving to intentionally cut-off and mildy inconvenience other drivers. If you feel that’s a productive way to spend your afternoon then that’s your choice, but it just seems pretty petty to me.

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And another red flag.

(emphasis added)

And another red flag.

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lmao @ all the people mad at this post. :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Guys lmao swolebenji is a notorious troll on the rogue community discord for classic

Hes just doing this for a reaction/attention

I doubt he actually ganks lowbies when he’s not recording, it’s just for the meme videos. Gotta hand it to him, he’s tricked a lot of people into interacting/responding to him so I guess trolling successful :slight_smile:

I have to agree , It can bring on wpwp events if you gank and wait …STV was meant for it with the fishing derby the arena and just the general quest levels there. Its designed for war and I personally love it

I never trolled that discord and ganking lowbies is all I’ve ever done since MARCH when I got my last piece of gear.

Trolling the forums for views on the worst video on youtube.

No sound

No music

No effects

Just an annoying voice, cracking, trying to explain why being cringe isn’t cringe.

Lowbie ganking always makes me think of this.