What do you guys think about lowbie ganking?

Lowbie ganking, when you kill someone much lower leveled than you when you’re a level 60 in full raid epics.

What’s your opinion on it?

I personally find it hilarious and the only real reason I even play Classic. Once flying mounts created safe spaces in the skies for players I had way less fun with the game. I think it’s awesome if I am a lowbie when the enemy starts rampaging. Kind of like a player-created event. :slight_smile:


I don’t think I was killed by one person near my level leveling without being ganked fighting mobs.

Told me all I needed to know about Horde.


Looks like you have issues, kid.


I just don’t see the enjoyment in it and find it a waste of time.

If I’m going to PVP someone for fun, I want it to actually have something more meaningful than just a quick laugh.


I think something sad probably happened to you as a child (i.e RL low level player) and this is how you get back at that.

Normal people see no purpose or benefit to killing a character that is grey unless they are trying to steal herb/node/debuff you/etc.


Same types who probably find animal torture in RL fun to watch or participate in.


It’s frustrating when it happens to you, but it’s also one of the most iconic things about this game and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

At least back then, it was one of the prime motivators for most people getting to 60 and getting geared (“I can’t wait till I’m 60 and I can f@%k that guy up”).

As for doing it myself, we’ll see >:)


Long ago, when I was a rogue in vanilla I did it. I made a game out of it. Called weekly round up location SS area.

I would mount up scare the horde in a circle formation. Get off mount shoot one, then another, and let one run to another pack for help repeat process.

Then after maybe 10 minutes go to FP and wait for the lvl 60 for my honor.

Kill a few lvl 60s till they get smart and bring about 5. Then res together.

I would do hit and runs.

Then leave without them knowing. Then comeback in about an hour repeat process.

Now? I don’t do that I just Q for BGs or find lvl 60s I have on KoS. I guess my roll changed. To killing ppl like I was.

My purpose is for fun. I don’t need an arbitrary reason other than that to do it.


I think it means the ganker is low skill.


I think it’s the main reason you won’t ever find me on a PvP Server. This includes RP-PvP. No, thank you. I’ll be sticking with Normal or RP Servers, thanks.


I ganked a lot of lowbies in Vanilla. If it’s red it’s dead. I can’t say I hunted them down a lot.

I’ve gone out to gray gank like once in Classic and it was really boring so I haven’t done it again. Anything green and up I’ll kill though and I don’t care if they are like on an escort quest or whatever.

These days I find it’s funner to fight other geared 60s who are looking for a fight.

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It’s a question of degree.

When done lightly, it adds flavor and danger to the world. When it becomes the norm, it’s just an annoyance that makes people not want to play.


What do you do once you’re fully loaded with gold, max geared, on raid lockout, and there’s no one to help with dungeons or farming? Then what do you do on those non-pvp servers?

Back in elementary school I knew a kid who tore the wings off flies. He went to prison for being inappropriate with kids.

I always think of him when I see someone ganking lowbies.


I see it as the equivalent of jumping out and yelling BOO irl.

It doesn’t hurt anything when done rarely, and can actually be funny to both people. When you do it all the time? It’s just annoying and makes people not want to be around you.


Create an Alt or RP :slight_smile:

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Alliance aren’t people to me. They are the bad guys, so it makes sense to make them not want to be around me.

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You’re trying too hard, it is rather obvious. You have to be more subtle to be effective.


Trying hard to do what? I legit don’t understand why people think that vidya game lowbie ganking is somehow tied to the creepy murder kids or animal abusers in the slightest, or dudes with crap childhoods. It makes zero sense to me and no one really explains the “why” when they say these things.