What do you do at 60?

I find classic to be an incredibly hollow experience end game, and already feel there is nothing to do.
Bored of the same 5 dungeons, and their linear difficulty.
Bored of pvp que times and a MM system that promotes premade vs Pug.
MC takes a little over an hour to clear.

Welp that’s it. Nothing else to actually do in the game, so what is keeping you guys entertained?


I believe 8.3 just came out, i think there is some content you can do there on your level 120.


pvp is main thing now til r10, last week i hope.

Genrally dont play this much, just raid log and farm some consumables for few hours weekly.

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ATM I’m…
farming consumes for BWL
Farming gold to buy rep items for my BiS gloves.
Farming Angerforge for my last piece of Pre-raid BiS.

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Honor farming till Rank 10
Fishing - gold for supplies
Will soon switch to farming for Darkmoon Faire tickets
Once rank 10 I will start playing BGs for fun only - wsg and ab when its out

Having a good time. Best of all I don’t set foot in PVE instances.


Nothing, just AFK in one capital city, showing the world how populate the servers are, because what the point to be in other maps, there is nothing to do there if you are not in the way to 1 of the 5 dungeons.

Not much, honestly.

  • Farm dungeons and raids for gear. Hardly ever get any.
  • Farm for raid mats and gold.
  • PVP but that’s a hot mess right now and hardly worth doing.
  • Stand around in Ironforge waiting for something to happen.
  • Go on an alt to get to 60 so I can do the above all over again.
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HHmmm good points. Don’t think I will bother even pvping till rank 10. I play horde, so that alone would be over 14 hours a week of sitting in que alone not to mention playing.
gold is useless to me as I have lots and almost everything I wear is epic.

Think I am gonna take Baccon’s advice and dust off the old Paladin.

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Start planning retirement.

BTW this thread is the most Vanilla thing in Classic.

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Then put those hours to use doing other things while you’re in the queue.

Gold might be useless to you now, come BWL prog you’re going to want to get everything you need for it. Is all your gear enchanted? are they actually good epics? Do you have the patterns you want from the rep vendors?
Do you have the rep required to buy them?

Theres plenty of reasons to play regardless of your play style and goals. Unless your goal is to sit around and complain about having nothing to do then in your case congrats you’ve won the game.

I’m twinking. Enjoying pvping in twink brackets with and against other twinks. Not having to worry about the honor grind, just pvping for the sake of pvp with and against my friends.

I do the raids on my main to get her geared, and a bit of farming now and then to make money if I need it, but my main focus is definitely on my alts.

I recommend taking up knitting.


Because dailies are sooo much better…

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Run AV from the time I wake up until I go to bed.

  • play retail

Get raid buffs and log out mostly.
Farm on an alt otherwise

Get off your computer and get a life, you sook. Blizzard has many issues to resolve, but filling up every minute of your day isn’t one of them.


I’m one of those weirdos who is perpetually entertained by leveling alts. The one I am posting on is a joint project with my spouse. We only level as a duo. Since he has limited play time, it’s kind of slow going, but I feel certain that we’ll make it to 60 because duo’ing is a lot of fun, especially on a PVP server.

If you’re bored, why not go over to retail to make a fox person or a mechagnome or one of the new, weird races available for death knights? Not gonna lie, I had to make a fem pandaren DK, because there’s nothing more jarring and obnoxious than dark, brooding and edgy + kawaii and uwu. :joy:

When I reach that point I will probably be helping out the newer members of my guild and/or leveling alts. Social games are all about helping out your fellow players. Years of “you’re on your own unless you’re end-game raiding” may have caused you to forget about that aspect of WoW.

Was bored today, decided to run one last Deadmines on my 23 mage. It was 3am server time.

Couldn’t find a healer, one DPS left, so it was me the tank and a rogue. I decided to run them through on my 60 so they could get their quests done. Rogue left before I even got there on my 60. The warrior stayed, got all of their quests done, even the 2 outside the instance. Gave them six 12 slot bags and I made a new friend.

Half the game is interacting with other players. In retail all the other players may as well be NPCs because no one groups til max level because its not needed to get to 120.

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