What do you do at 60?

I made the mistake of going alliance so I just raid log and play retail.

Solo farming things as a Hunter is enduringly compelling. I recommend it.

I love classic pvp with no timers.

Its just a shame they have the stupid version of AV.

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now i raidlog because 1.12AV killed PvP.

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But its not, for the massive silent majority not solely focused on the ridiculous honor grind.

OP: I think you’re trolling only because you appear to understand the content enough to find options. If you’re truly bored and can’t see the options, then Clsssic WoW is not fun for you and you should just quit? You wont be the first.

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complaining on the forums using a retail character

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Do you always have to be told what to do?

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Don’t know if I’ll ever get to 60. It’s been an absolute slog. Burning crusade will probably be out.

Not saying it’s boring, but I just don’t know how people made it to 60 and with 60 alts. This grind is real.

And in all fairness, I was leveling faster closer to launch with all the people leveling concurrently. Slowly, I got farther behind the original group. My toon was made within 30 minutes of launch on this server.

Now, I’m alone almost as much as retail. Even Ally gank squads seem to have dried up unless a lvl 60 fishing gets frisky or I get in the path of dungeons.

So, I kite a lot. Pot a lot. Quests seem to take me to BFE for 2k XP when it’s just easier to grind trolls in STV.

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  1. Farm mats for BWL raids
  2. Farm Rank 10 for gear
  3. Farm items that are not BiS right now, but will be in future phases (Disclaimer - not all classes have this option)
  4. Take a break till mid Feb when BWL comes out

best options i can give.

rerolled another character, pvp a lot, raid logging for gear to help the guild and when im super bored i gank lowbies. keeps me entertained

Leveling alts, playing EFT.

I’ll tell you when I get there. I’m enjoying the journey on a variety of alts.


Alts… Throughout all the time I’ve played WoW dating back to vanilla I’ve only ever played at level cap 2 classes… Mage and Priest.

Mage is 60 and Priest is 51… and FB spam isn’t quite as fun as healing.

For the first time ever I’m playing melee and have a 31 Warrior. Tanking I’ve been having a blast with. Most likely will be switching mains and use the Mage strictly as a farmer… which isn’t a bad thing. I’ve got my epic mount and sitting on 700g towards the next epic mount for whichever alt hits 60 first.

My three main characters are still in their 40’s. I am jumping around & enjoying the journey & different classes/specs.

At 60:

  • Work on getting my epic mounts
  • Run dungeons & build my Tier 0 dungeon sets for my various characters.
  • Upgrade Tier 0 dungeon sets to Tier 0.5 via quest-line once released.
  • Do some ZG 20 man raiding/grouping when it is released.
  • Help my guild-mates run dungeons or ZG for equipment that they want.
  • Avoid 40 man raiding if possible - Too many people for my taste.
  • Avoid PvP - Not interested in screwed-up MMORPG style PvP.
  • Look forward to TBC Classic.

There is plenty to do in classic. I don’t need to be put on a power progression treadmill chasing a carrot on a stick to find content.

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I love farming pre raid BIS! Once I’m full pre raid, I’ll do a few raid pugs maybe join a raiding guild for a bit, then I reroll! When I started classic I thought I’d hate leveling, but I’ve enjoyed it so so so much!!! I love the old world, I love class quests! My goal is to get 1 more alliance to 60 then 1 horde and call it quits till classic+ or TBC:)

For me it’s the raiding. once a week, getting the best end game gear, parsing in raids, trying to beat other priest ranks (I’m currently rank 25 for all priests on my realm in MC)
Outside of raid I like to level alts, currently working on a Rogue, and messing around on an Alliance Mage on the RP realm.
I like to queue for Alteric Valley, the Horde queues are long so I play FFXIV or something while I wait, or sometimes queue in Undercity and do an EPL/WPL Herb run.
Honestly join a guild and raid, if you don’t like Classic raiding, or Alteric Valley, Warsong Gulch, or soon, Arathi Basin, I’m sorry to say but maybe Classic isn’t for you in the long run. Cuz that’s all it is. Raiding, leveling alts, and queueing for BG all day.

You thought you did, but you didn’t.

as a lock with full t1 and the 2 t2 pieces i find the rank 10 quite… underhelming for pvp… the head and soulder combo tho…

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Why do people who post complaints about content consistently post on a BFA character instead of their classic one?