What do people think of centaur in DF?

How do you feel about how they are portrayed and the lore attached to them? Especially compared to the centaurs of Kalimdor.

Honestly, kind of “eh.” They’re not exciting in my opinion, but definitely not bad either.


They are fine but pretty bland, that was the most boring zone. They aren’t like “bad” they are just something you forget about as soon as you finish their snoozefest of a questing zone.


I don’t find them very interesting or compelling tbh. I feel like the Highmountain Tauren questline did that kind of separate tribes coming together to defeat the other tribe that joined the evil side a lot better


They somehow managed make a race of brutal plains-running raiders and reavers boring. Insufficient. Marauding.


Would you all find them more compelling if they had some tie to the lore of centaurs from Vanilla? I really liked those centaur and how they were birthed from an elemental lord. I think it is strange that in an expansion that deals with elementalists that these centaur don’t even share the same lineage. I feel like they could have done better if they expanded on what they already have established about centaurs on Azeroth.


I agree. It’d be more helpful if they explained a tie to the original Centaurs. It feels like when they were making DF they were thinking of already existing races they wanted to use and picked Centaur yet want to do their own version of them. Still the same dev problem of BFA and Shadowlands in wanting to do something that already exists but making it their own instead of working with what’s already there.


Double points if they were somehow an invading population from Kalimdor that had some kind of history with the Tauren that would have to be addressed.

Like after the establishment of Orgrimmar, several clans banded together and left Kalimdor rather than face the rising power on the continent. They don’t like us. We don’t like them, but the primalists present an existential threat to both of us so we have to work through our differences and form an uneasy alliance. You know. Conflict.


Yea it could have provided an explanation for how Tauren ended up in the primalist forces. They could have co-habited with Highmountain tauren since they share the same god? Or something at least.

Some parts of their lore is also not very believable. Apparently Ysera’s daughter Merithra fought with Teera and they were “evenly matched”. And apparently there are other Maruuk centaur on Kalimdor but they never show up anywhere, only the spawn of Therazane exist now.

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I find it interesting that they share a lot of cultural stuff with the tauren…
Nomadic hunters living in hide tents, revere the ancestors, wild gods and land. A very spiritual people, that can with somewhat ease commune with said ancestors.
All the tribes/clans are lead by one High chieftain/Khan. A tribe/clan that focus on strength betrayed the others.

So yeah, giving pretty much all the qualities of the tauren culture to a race that before now almost drove said tauren to extinction is interesting. Even if the two centaur groups are not connected.

Where is this stated?


The reason I brought this topic up is because the choices the devs keep making are concerning to me and now it seems I am not alone in realizing that they had potential to make a really good centaur arc but threw it away.

And they didn’t have to, because the Tuskarr faction represents that race really well with their values and culture compared to Tuskarr from older expacs. They took something good and developed it further rather than straying from the roots.

My bad I meant to say, there used to be Maruuk centaur on Kalimdor who refused to go to the Dragon Isles. But we have never heard of them until now.


Ah I see, I think it’s just handwaved as “they went extinct” or something like that.

I think the zone and quest-lines are well made, they represent and show the culture well that they gave them, my main gripe is “why the centaur?”. It could just as easily been a tauren tribe chilling in the plains since the culture from what we’ve seen is pretty much identical, you could keep everything the same and it would fit perfectly. We also know the Highmountain tauren even worship the same wild god, and that the tauren is an old race that spread far and wide, they exist in some variation from pandaria, to kalimdor to northrend.

Compared to a race that was stated to have only been created not even 2k years ago, forcing them to add these weird stuff like “Yeah they totally existed 10k years ago despite there being no records, and the other old clans just died off”.
That said, I think in the current lore these old centaur are also from a keeper/elemental union, and the reason why such a union is refered to as forbidden in the first place.

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I agree completely. I’ve mentioned this before but then I get told “It don’t matter they so wholesome UwU best story evar!”

Is there a source for this? If their existence is explained I can enjoy them more.

It’s not exactly a source for the DF centaur, but chronicle calls Zaetar and Theradras thing as “forbidden union”. And all I can speculate is why was it considered forbidden? Did it happen before or something? A keeper and an elemental?

Also in tauren legend from wc3, they say that the centaur always existed to scour the land. Which we assumed was retconned in vanilla wow or it just being a tauren legend and not accurate. But it seems that it’s once again somewhat canon? Since some centaur existed 10k years ago and that the legend might refer to those as well.

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The centaur plotline felt the weakest out of all of the first three zones (not counting Thaldraszus cause that’s mostly just leadup to the raid so a chunk of the story is locked to that.)

The lore feels so odd when we have centaur already that have concrete lore of why they exist and how they got there. I can’t even blame Blizz’s decision to bring in cultural representation on softening them because the Tuskarr are probably the best written race out of this whole expansion and they did the same with them sooo??

(apologies if my wording is funky, it’s late where I am and I was just trolling the forums before bed and saw a post I wanted to give some quick 2c. on)


“Meh”. Highmountain Tauren were VERY similar. The only difference being that more attention is being paid to the Centaur’s culture in comparison to Legion that mostly left that sort of attention for the Nightborne. Nokhud are basically just Fel Totem only aligning themselves with the primalists instead of the Legion. And Oh’naran Plains lacks a second antagonist so the zone feels very samey enemy wise.

Every other Dragonflight Zone had the Primalists and then another enemy featured. The plains just have Nokud mixed with Primalists. It almost makes me think that there should’ve been a different force for the Nokud to ally with for power with the Primalists being a seperate threat in the zone.


Dryads are Acorns whispered to by Druids and Keepers of the Grove so the Sons of Cenarius aren’t his Sons through mating just so you know. They are his Sons via them being his creations.

Elementals don’t look like they are even capable of breeding aside from the Flamewakers so what happened with Theradras(who definitely doesn’t look capable of breeding) was that she was given Acorns and grew Centaurs capable of breeding out of them.

How she learned of the secret of making Centaurs is beyond me.

My speculation is that the DF Centaur are Cenarius’s “race” like many other Wild Gods have. They’ve just gone extinct in most of the world. Yes, Dryads and Keepers could also be considered his “Race” but they seem far closer to him and serve him directly while the Centaurs seem more like a traditional society. The union between Theredras and Zaetar probably brought about creatures similar to the original Centaur because they ultimately trace back to Cenarius, but are more brutish and beastlike than the DF Centaur because they’re birthed from Earth Elemental magic mixed with Nature magic.

That’s jut my two cents. I kind of doubt Blizzard will ever get around to clarifying. They’ve been very explanation averse since Legion, unfortunately.


“Somehow, the centaur returned.”

The centaur on the Dragon Isles are neither here nor there for me. They just… are. I’ll give it to them that these are the most fleshed out centaur we’ve ever had, but their story wasn’t exactly compelling and none of their characters really stood out to me. It’s also just weird that they have no connection to the original centaur despite sharing so much with them thematically; there isn’t even an attempt at an explanation.

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Honestly, probably not.

If they were tied to the elementals, and then just decide to not be randomly chaotic evil like the Kalimdor centaur, then we just end up back where we started with them. A fine but mostly just forgettable faction who’s main method of gaining rep is just too boring for me to continue down.

Which kinda sucks as their green dragon storyline was one of the ones I was most interested in.