What did you do to my felguard

After the last patch, my felguard (Wrathguard, because of glyph) cannot establish or maintain threat, hits like a papercut and loses health like a sieve. It’s bad enough you refuse to give warlocks a consistent interrupt, but now you’re hobbling Demo’s pet? Really?

Is this in beta? Or in the base game. I have found through personal experience that my fel guard only started to feel good when I didn’t rely on him to stay alive. Once more damage came from me he spent less time in range getting wailed on. But that doesn’t mean it was fixed. He definitely feels weak.

Beta. Apparently, I posted in the wrong forum. I don’t know if it’s a gear thing or what, but at least he’s holding threat better now I adjusted my rotation to include Corruption.

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The more feedback in the beta lock forums the better. Represent demo! See the compiled feedback thread here too, maybe link it. The more they see the better (since they clearly don’t check actual class forums)

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The only way that works is if corruption lowers your dps.