What are the disadvantages of stopping XP gains?

My Warrior is lvl59 and I’ve basically BG grinded him from 51-59 and it has been a lot of fun but I am now a few bars away from 60 but I don’t want to reach 60. Then I remember, way back when, you could pay gold to stop XP and I have 2 quick questions,

1 - Can you still stop XP gains? edit: yes
2 - If I stop XP gains and queue for BGs do I only play against other people who have stopped XP gains? I remember them doing this so lvl19 twink Rogues/Priests only play against other twink Rogues/Priests edit: yes. Basically don’t expect any BG queues to pop

edit: So basically yes you can turn off XP but you only play against people who have turned off XP. I really want Blizzard to change this since there is scaling in BGs and lvl60’s can join any brackets now so twinkling is no longer a issue

Please Blizzard make this change!


It is best to stop at either level 29 or 39.

a lot of people stop XP gains in that bracket?

The point is to stop because the leveling is so fast.
Also stopping XP let’s you get the best of the best at that level.

twinking is basically ruined because they made it so you only queue with other people who stopped XP

which defeats the whole purpose of twinking in the first place, and not only that but there’s not enough people stopping XP and so there’s nobody to play with in the first place

they should change it so stopping XP doesn’t remove you from the normal BG pool, like it used to be otherwise the feature is practically useless

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I can understand the logic when they implemented it but now it makes absolutely no sense because of scaling. In fact lvl60’s are about to join any bracket they want when they group up with people in the lower bracket

I really think this is something they should update and allow people who have stopped XP gains to play with people who are choosing to level

Which is a good thing I’ll say. It only served to ruin the BG experience for low levels. I’m glad it’s gone if you want to Twink git gud at max lvl and have good gear there like a normal person


When XP off bracket wasn’t a thing, people complained 2-3 players could dictate the flow of the whole bg everytime. So 7 players would be mad (that’s for lowest size bg). With XP off bracket, only those 2-3 players are complaining. I’d say that’s a win.

The only reason to XP off nowadays is at 49 to be able to keep using chromie time and do every quests scaling as they were intended.


Blizzard already made the change to this because of twinking ruining others experience.

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You cannot stop your xp gain above level 49 now.

The problems with twinking in bgs were twofold: they tended to form premades, as good/well-geared players do, which made the games lopsided, since there has never been premade matching in lower brackets. This could have been addressed by enforced solo queue for xp off characters or seeding them into a bg so no more than 1 would be on either team.

The other problem is that blizzard never enforced their own rule that players should not be able to shut off xp, move into the next expansion content to gear up, then transfer to an account that doesn’t have the latest expansion. This was a big problem in BfA, because BfA gear was much stronger than anything level 110’s had access to.

In any case, if you reach level 60 and do party sync into a lower bracket, you will get a template applied that drops your character into appropriate ilvl gear. No, you won’t have access to end game legendaries, covenant abilities, etc, in low brackets.

BGs have scaling now which is why lvl60’s can participate in the lower brackets. So the argument “this prevents twink players from ruining the experience of regular players” doesn’t apply anymore

There is literally no reason to segregate the two populations anymore

Being a bully?


It’s a template that is applied to people in party sync. You lose abilities that people in that bracket don’t have access to.

Entering party sync is the only way to get into lower brackets. There is no reason for them to use scaling to permit highly geared players to destroy low level PvP by spamming abilities low levels have no access to.

It absolutely would be a huge problem if they were to cater to you and give you what you want.

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Max level bgs are more one sided this expansion against undergeared players than 70s and 85s ever were

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Remember when the players who ran twinks in low level bg’s acted like they were a majority?
Then they split the queue and xp off bg’s were instantly dead.


So you admit that twinks are just cowards that just want to stomp leveling players? This is why I hunt you people in battlegrounds when I’m leveling.

That’s the twink’s problem and no one else’s.

No, they shouldn’t. That’s like saying that max level players should be able to queue into lowbies because otherwise what’s the fun in fighting people with equal or better gear. This is why I hate twinks.


The squish did more harm than xp locked queues did for twinks who were in it to play optimal characters

Going from having 23 sockets filled with +20 gems to +3 was devastating. Blues from an expansion ahead becoming the same ilvl as heirloom gear was lame

Going from having 140% mastery to 35% made making builds and experiencing uncapped secondaries lose all of its fun. Thats what i disliked from max level, being limited to how many secondaries i could stack

My 85 ret used to outdps raid geared 90s in mop. There isnt even a point to play low level characters now since whether you’re low level or max level the game is going to restrict you to 20-30% of a stat

I miss two manning level appropriate heroic raids on my twinks while groups of max levels were still wiping in those raids pre legacy. Two manning heroic dragonsoul as two 85s is probaly one of my fondest memories

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Twinking is strong specifically because each level you get means 1% of stat takes more raw stats to achieve, so when you maximize your gear in certain level ranges, you end up with insane stat percentages that you don’t get from being scaled down from 60 in normal gear.

Twinking exists solely to suck the competition out of PvP if you’re not willing to only play with other twinks. The strength of a proper twink isn’t even comparable to someone just leveling through. It’s not competitive, it’s not fun for anyone but the twink, which is why you get your own queues.


And it’s still preferable to twinks because high geared max lvls aren’t purposefully trying to bully new players like twinks

yeah they are lol anyone who supports/thinks upgrade tiers locked behind rating is okay only cares about intentionally bullying undergeared/unrated players

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