What are the disadvantages of stopping XP gains?

Good to stop if you want to level in a zone and want to get all the quests done in the zone because even with time walking you end up leveling out of your zone way too soon and you begin to one shot everything including NPCs that you are supposed to injure and not kill for certain quests. Pretty much anything above level 30 is will be difficult to do any low level quests. 20 you can stop t at that and can go to TBC content and do e everything there. My level 30 toon sololed a bunch of TBC raids and dungeons so they are super overpowered right now even though 30 = 80 and 20= 70. A level 80 could not clear TBC raids as fast as a level 30 can now.

So for old world questing you wanna do that. For PvP if you want to twink your toon then you will go into a twink only bracket and will have a 4 hour queue so it will not be worth it at all.

You are misrepresenting what happened.

Twinks never pretended to be a majority, though this was often repeated by those who don’t understand how the random finder works. No doubt it makes you feel clever to repeat that, uh, lie.

But the fact is that as individuals they played a lot more bgs than levelers did. And they were split across all brackets. So given that the group finder filled every bg at the same time, unless there were enough queuing to fill all brackets at the same time, not a single queue could pop. Even when a large number on each side queued at the same time, no queue ever popped.

Meanwhile, instantly bg queues for xp on dramatically increased. Odd how when a significant percentage of players is removed from the finder that would happen.

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Twinking stinks now because you can only do it on f2p accounts (level 20) or accounts with only bfa (no shadowlands, level 50). If you want to twink, and your account has shadowlands, you have to do it at max level nowadays.

I was being a bit hyperbolic, yes.
I just remember people who twink kept repeating they did it to face other twinks and they welcomed the challenge of facing each other and it wasn’t just to stomp noobs.
They were a problem in normal bgs, nobody wants to fight a demi-god in pvp at any level, let alone at level 15 or whatever.
It’s part of the problem with max level pvp right now. Fighting people with double or triple your health mowing down half your team.