What are the best professions right now?

Besides mining, herbalism, skinning and alchemy.

I have 4 characters lvl 60 and one 50+.

Im thinking which professions to go.

I was thinking enchanting + another profession in every character to dismechant the soulbound’s item.


Fishing if you can stand it.

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Yeah. I already have this one as well.

I have 4 characters lvl 60 and one 50+. I dunno which professions to choose.

In that case, don’t ever pick engineering.


I think the better question is which profession sucks/doesn’t make gold.

Right now because of crafted legendries you can make alot of gold with all professions Tailor/Blacksmith/Leatherworker/Jewelcrafter. That being said it takes alot of gold to learn the rank 4 recipies so if you cant make rank 3 or 4 you won’t be making much gold.

Enchanting/Alchemy are good because they always make gold for enchants/consumables.

Inscription is needed for missives for legendary gear, not to mention the glyph market AND druid form glyphs/marks since they are in demand.

Engineering is probably the most crappy profession right now while everything else is pretty good. Engineering outside of your sky golem sales once a month, is just personal items which can be somewhat useful in certain situations like PvP but thats about it.

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Engineering is awesome, especially at the start of the expac. Wormholes where ever you need to go, free glider every 3 minutes, and AH/mailbox in Oribos is hard to beat. Plus, Jeeves/Reaves repairs while doing raid progression.

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Outside of the best? Engineering.

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Alchemy for 2 hour flask

Engineering for shadowlands portal, battle res, rocket belt, and ah

I think the rest are useless. Except sometimes I haul a ton of gear around take off alchemy and mass de it for some scraps of gold


Herbalism according to the 40 druids in maldraxxus in boosted gear.


Alchemy and engineering for the battle rez.

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Mining Herbalism Skinning Alchemy.

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Hey those are just honest workers that care so much about picking plants they don’t have enough time to finish reaching 60 or have barely adequate gear.

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I once got invited to a raid group of them. There were about 12 in there, all in boosted gear. I felt like I was part of the squad.

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I bet those workers can talk boop beep language.

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Day number 41.

The never ceasing group of druid players have yet to notice my presence. They are very well regulated in their movement which leads me to believe they must be friends IRL in order to coordinate such precise movements. I fear if that is the case they must be in close proximity and thus in trouble from the global pandemic.


There is a joke in there somewhere about the Borg.



Well, I already have that a druid with herbalism + minning, to be honest I leveled my druid 53~60 just doing that. lol

I have a friends which have druid as well and we make a raid group as well and farms in The Maw.

But, I was wondering which professions to go with my paladin, monk, hunter and dk. I like alot all these 5 classes.

Whatever gets you money (legendary mat crafting) or saves you money (alchemy being the top one).

Real no way for anyone to decide that for you.


Im lost, what you mean about “Wormholes where ever you need to go, free glider every 3 minutes, and AH/mailbox in Oribos is hard to beat. Plus, Jeeves/Reaves repairs while doing raid progression.”