What are PVP servers like?

I’ve never played on one. Is world PVP always going on in every zone? Do people constantly get ganked while leveling too?

Sometimes people hit each other, most of the time nothing is going on.


They are fun. Yes you will get ganked while leveling in contested territories and WPVP will happen from time to time in the right places at the right levels. It kinda sucks while leveling tbh but its great at 60 if you’re into WPVP.


hehe, pvp servers are mostly like doing normal things in normal ways, but instead of flying from Ironforge to Thorium point to get to black rock mountain, you fly all the way to Morgan’s Vigil or Red Ridge to avoid a bit of a corpse hopping.

And yeah, occasionally you get ganked.

Honestly though, it would be such a weird experience if you could pass by the opposing faction without any risk. I think the world would be much more boring & static as well. Can’t imagine life not on a pvp server.


Yes…you get ganked pretty often. It makes you a better player though in the long run.

You should give it a go. My one suggestion is—immerse yourself in being bloodthirsty and engaging in wPvP. It can be demoralizing if people are dunking on you constantly…you need to give it back to them in order to keep morale up.


It’s ok, most people are doing something so they don’t PvP as much.

I run around steps, mining rich thorium and when I see horde I typically 3 shot them.

Most zones don’t have much world PVP going on…

The more active ones are where alliance/horde typically have overlapping questing levels do such as Hillsbrad or Arathi or STV or Ungoro or the endgame questing zones of WPL/EPL/Steppes/Silithus/Winterspring.

Right now, with AQ coming soon, Silithus is the hottest zone (due to all the people farming CC rep).

There’s often world PVP there at all times of day as raids come by to summon abyssal lords. And there’s always PVP going on in the endgame mining/herbalism zones EPL/Silithus/Winterspring/Steppes.

You’re much more mindful of your HP when you’re in a PVP zone, and you typically will always want to have your insignia ready along with another PVP trinket like AGM or Lifegiving Gem (for a warrior).

Sometimes you get ganked, but you can always just flag people with Spy on your KOS list and make sure you get revenge at some point.

I love being in a PVP server; you can almost always find a fight if you look in the right places.

Full of carebears who aren’t there for the pvp. They are there “cuz anything smaller than a mega server is a “dead” server.”
They are there to imbalance the servers so that the other faction leaves and it becomes a defacto pve server.
Save yourself the trouble. Roll a pve server. At least when they are flagged you know they wanna fight. It’s where the real wpvp happens. Not these carebear zerg fests.


I love playing on PvP servers. And will only play a faction on a PvP server if it is the underdog.

Horde or Alliance, doesn’t matter.

My server went beyond what I hoped it would, but I would do it all over again.


Depends on the server? The more players on the opfor, the more likely you are to run into a ganker. I would HIGHLY recommend trying it out on a medium pop server.

Imagine wasting time wpvp when theres only 2 reasons to still be outdoors.

Farming mats
Going to a dungeon/raid

Wpvp is such a waste of time, even cuts into your gold per hour which means you have to stay out longer and some people dont have the option to play longer. I keep running into this retarded ud spriest who always attacks first and he always loses, hes wasting his gold farming time to corpses run instead.

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sice everyone more less only level in 5 mans not many really out in the world questing

Yeah, who needs fun when you can mindlessly grind for gold or run the same raids over and over again until you’re so bored that you hate the game.


I mean thats what you signed up for with classic, raidlogging and gold farming

pvp is useless content and it dies harder in phase 5 with gear access giving 1gcd blowouts

If you wanted more to do theres retail and TBC next year

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Since the introduction of battlegrounds, world PvP hasn’t been too prevalent, but certain zones remain hot spots. In most of the world, people usually leave each other alone, but STV, Un’goro and searing gorge are all places you need to be on guard.

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That doesn’t at all answer the question, and isn’t really true across most of the playerbase. They asked what PvP servers were like to get a real answer, not to get the jaded, everyone-is-trash-but-me answer.


Just like a pve server except you can die randomly for any number of reasons.


It answers the question. Carebears just don’t like the truth.

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Do you do a lot of ganking on your level 16 warlock?


So, it’s like PVE but with choices.

You will start to know your enemies.

Who are hostile on contact and who is not.

Ppl will fight over nodes sometimes.

Most of the time gank is a rare occurrence but always be prepared as in like adventure. Make sure u stocked up on supplies and always be mindful of your surroundings. If you notice a group of enemy faction the higher chance of engagement.

If it’s just one player less chance of engagement will occur.

One second it can be peaceful and next all war breaks out.