What are ele shamans right now

What is going on why do they feel like afflic locks on full ramp but for the entire match

4 set looks to be mega cleave damage. Can’t say for sure since I haven’t touched a shaman since BFA but seems pretty good.

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im way ahead of yall. queuing double ele

Where’s that poster that said tier sets were a 1% damage increase at most?

Yeah lb damage needs to be looked at. Whole ele design is atrocious

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2pc stat bonus combined with just larger secondaries in this season gear greatly inflating mastery without really giving up anything along with the 4pc is feeding rolling magma far too much.

It’s pretty absurd, scared to see what the scripters who already pumped absurd damage are doing with it given how broken normal eles seem damage wise atm.

It’s just super short primo wave cooldown now. If you get an ascend proc between primo waves you literally get to press it within 10-15seconds of initial press.

It’s weird how ele tops meters and doesn’t cast. At all. Ever.

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Good they actually have a chance against abominations like arms,unholy,ret,dh and bm who actually top the meters and cba to lose a global cc’ing, actually mind boggling how there win condition is do damage rotation ignore everything else.


Ele is over the top. Played thunder to 2k with like 1 loss. Ur spike damage is too much. Arms is an offender 2 but thats another story. We do better when i legit afk and vomit out 120k dps

Arms is a more deterministic offender. Ele has always done crazy sustain, but I agree the RNG stuff is dumb, and 4 set is silly.

Not too many people got 4pc this week (lucky b***ards who got it in vault).

BM can afk more dmg than ele, while doing all their cc. At least ele has to cast hex or channel lasso xD

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U really dont as ele. I dont think a single bm out damaged me with new 4 pc. Its disgusting levels of dam.

boomkin too

so bored of 120k dps chickenape pressing w spam casting 0.7 clones that either win the game outright, get precog that lets them win the game instantly, or eat 1s nerfed kick lockouts that then just get recasted to win the game instantly


Link me 1 screen shot and ill believe you thats not fighting pet classes

Have not noticed anything wrong with ele. It seems slightly more viable this season.

If you think ele is strong then you need to track primordial wave and ascendance. When you see these you need to react accordingly.

Ele always gets stronger as expansions near the end. The increased stats make a big difference. And after last season we couldn’t even use the tier set in pvp, it was basically worthless.

youre a whole xpac behind my double vesper ele.

Yet even without tier ele was very strong

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