What alliance race in WoW would you consider "must play"

what i mean by this is say i were a brand new player visually and race lore in classic wise which would you sell me on?

i mainly player horde and in classic i played so many damn gnomes and dwarves. SO MANY… i am not trying to be biased im just asking this as like a Poll sort of question. all alliance races are open though. im not talking class specific im just talking about race/races lore/starting zones as far as classic goes

Dwarves. Night Elves probably have more fascinating lore, but Dwarves are aesthetically better.


Lore? Night Elf.

Visuals? Dwarf.


  • gnome for warlock or mage (expansive mind)
  • human for rogue, paladin, warrior (sword or mace proficiency)
  • dwarf for priest (fear ward)
  • dwarf for PVE hunter (gun proficiency)
  • night elf for PVP hunter (shadow meld)
  • night elf is only druid race

Pfft, elves, the disfigured, magic addicted trolls! Their lore is crudvapors, WE! MIGHTY DWARVES! BEINGS MADE BY THE TITANS THEMSELVES! Have the REAL good stuff in their lore.

werent they just lowest of lowest troll race(dark troll) before baiting in elune thing for 1000 years and change for what they are right now?

Well, there’s the whole Queen Azshara thing, then there’s the Illidan Stormrage thing. Development of the druids and passing the rituals on to other races. Splitting into the highborne, the nightborne, blood elves, and so on. A whole bunch of other interesting things…

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dark troll were the lowest of the low. Who know if the greatest troll race would have ended baiting in elune instead.

Dark troll also have a shadow alliance with night elf. There deffinitely more lore around there.
I think hardcore night elf fan cannot accept that night is just a name for another race of troll

I’d say human because of Westfall/Duskwood.


Anything beside human IMO. Gnomes are quirky and comical, dwarfs are tough and like to drink, night elves have the hippy, nature vibe going on. I find NE zones easy to level and peaceful.

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Human to me feels like the most central to the Alliance story.

Gnomes have almost no lore or stories compared to the rest of the races in the game.

I guess Dwarf gains a lot of relevance since its classic and a big chunk of the endgame revolves around Black Rock Mountain.

I don’t really know much about Nelf but there are a lot of zones (and a whole battleground) with Nelf influflience and they have one of the coolest racials for PVP.

TLDR my pick is Human or Nelf.

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Nelf, it’s my favorite by far. Humans just seem…boring

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This and Escape Artist are great racials buuuuuuuuuuut gear will always look better on human mages imo. That is the sole reason my mage is a male human otherwise I would’ve rolled a gnome mage and named it minifridge or something like that.

100% these. Small lads are best races IMO, but the human questlines are by and large the most developed. Defias Brotherhood is a defining Alliance experience spanning from level 1 in Northshire Abby to level 36 in Dustwallow Marsh. Duskwood also has some incredible questlines with Jitters, Stalvan Mistmantle, Mor’Ladim, the Ebalmer…

So no matter what race you choose, level up in the human zones.

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Honestly? The only Alliance race I’ve ever seriously considered playing were Draenai. Oh, I’ve played several humans, gnomes, dwarves, and night elves before, getting up to maybe level 20 on them before I got bored and deleted the characters. And I’ve made a few dozen Worgen just to run through the starting scenario again and again.

The vanilla Alliance races are all just so freaking dull. All the base races are all hopped up on goodness and light. The most interesting humans are the Defias, and they won’t let us join them. The worgen are fun in the starting zone, but then you go to Darnassas, and have to deal with my least favorite Alliance capital. At least the Draenai women have cute tails, so there’s something to keep me interested while the goody-two-shoes junk is going by.

Irrelevant, Hunters have so many ways to get +hit and they don’t have glancing blows, so weapon skill is utterly useless, better to go Nelf for the extra agi and 1% dodge.

While the Defias Brotherhood does carry a long way in the early, you get the really satisfying, if somewhat tragic conclusion to why this happened once you’re starting your ony attunement

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I’ll admit, this one is not that important. Honestly, it’s more of a boost to leveling to have that extra weapon skill. The bonus to dodge doesn’t do a ton for hunters and the bonus agility is 9 I believe. A nice little boost.

It really might come down to wisp form vs treasure finding!

Gnomes have the best beards.

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Wow. How is that statement even remotely possible?

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Night Elf Male

They have some of the best animations in the game, specifically rogues and warriors.

Well, Ironforge is a better city on pretty much every level than the treehouse.

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