What "Alliance High Elves" keep forgetting

Skin color is not equivalent to hair color.

Enjoy the blue eyes, pink skin, void racials as these luscious blonde locks and Silvermoon are still waiting for you on the horde.


For now anyway.

At any rate, what is this thread supposed to be about? You spiteful or something?


Straws are becoming extinct on these forums with all this grasping.


What alliance high elves seem to be forgetting is the anti’s are the reason blizzard did this.


(Commentary): One of the Blood Elf hair colors included a blue such as Void Elves have. If Blood Elves are getting Void Elf hair colors, but not the other way around, that’d be pretty lame, but par the course for faction favoritism I suppose.


I mean. Imagine thinking you have ownership over something the devs took liberties with and gifted the playerbase in the first place.

Devs gave blood elves to horde. Devs gave high elves to alliance. There is no “mine” in either one of those.

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If we are speaking of races, the devs gave void elves, not high elves, to the alliance.


This wont really stop people from RPing as a normal High Elf.

Nor should it!
I am 100% for anything anyone wants to do for role-play purposes!

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…So what was the point of this thread?


Technically we have both, except only the Void Elves are playable.


I hope people realize Alleria of all people still considers herself a high elf.

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Very true, I should have said playable races.
Undoubtedly the silver covenant elves are alliance.

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Yeah, as are most other remaining High Elves. People are going to still pretend that they’re playing a High Elf, and whatever… But just because a French person speaks English it doesn’t make that person English, even though both are white skinned Europeans. :slight_smile:


Genuine curiosity, are there any blue-eyed thalassian elves we have seen in game outside the silver covenant?

all my blood elves have dark hair lol

There’s some that were in Outland, who had gone with Allieria and the rest but didn’t follow Alleria to wherever she and Turalyon went.

There’s also been High Elves scattered through various Alliance settlements from the very beginning of the game.

Then there are the High Elves in the Hinterlands that we have quests to help out and protect from a Forsaken attack, after which the Draenei are said to work very closely with.

There were also some High Elves in Eastern Plaguelands, but they got turned to Withered. Which brings up another whole can of worms that Blizzard has created with their retcons, but that’s a whole different topic.


This guy has red… I’m a traitor to my own kind. :sob:

Night Elves get blonde though.

Relax, that hair color is not currently available to players on either elf faction. Void Elves hair choices are all very dark purple/blue and Blood Elf choices close but not there are gray and blackish/blue.

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