What a disaster (Dungeon Exploit, gold economy destroyed)

Blizzard made a thread explaining their stance on the recent exploitation of RAID IDs and dungeon bosses. OP is upset as they unstickied it while they finish their investigation and the OP wants information they have no right to in the name of ‘transparency’
Sorry OP your 15 bucks a month does not make you privy to the inner workings of Blizzard.


Ok. See ya later crocodile.

But you don’t understand. He WANTS it.

And then all of the 120s showed up to parrot Blizz and misrepresent every aspect of the controversy.


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I lol’d for real

They’ve banned the exploiters. how is this “dodging the issue”?


lmfao jeezus some of you people. didn’t even know about this until the news broke but I lol at how ree people are getting

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The anger is real.

That approach didn’t work in retail and I doubt it’s going to work here.

the approach of wishing them well and anticipating their departure?

It’s clear what your intent is. All you left out was the door and butt.

Unless they stream, then they just haven’t. For reasons.

Classic character or it didn’t happen™.

Retail is that way —>

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I’ll give ya a 1.3/10, OP.

I read the topic name, and all i could think of was this:

“Dr. Peter Venkman : Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together … mass hysteria!”

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Stop acting like one. Also, post on your classic account.

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it’s been out for 4 weeks lol, and they’ve fixed it. 4 weeks of lvl 30 boes aren’t breaking anything.

Community Manager


Soooooo since I’m seeing a lot of confusion (here and elsewhere), here’s some insight into how we draw the line between what makes something a punishable exploit versus a “happy little accident.”

The key factor here is intent. Did the player do something with the specific intention of causing a glitch to occur, and did they do it order to exploit said glitch for their own benefit?

This recent glitch makes a pretty clean example. The players who were abusing it had to do some Very Weird Stuff to cause it to occur, and then did so repeatedly. No reasonable person would expect that this behavior was intended, and the players involved had to go out of their way to cause it. It’s obviously unintended, it’s obviously a glitch, and the people who abused it were obviously exploiting said glitch for their own benefit. That’s pretty open and shut.

Someone mentioned Esfand’s random MC reset in this thread, which is a pretty clean example of the other end of the spectrum. In that case, they just turned up to raid and the instance had been reset. They didn’t do anything intentional to cause it or go looking for reproduction steps so they could abuse it - in fact, they reported it to us and didn’t continue until they got confirmation that it was out of their control (and that we wouldn’t consider it an exploit if they cleared).

Side note for the curious: that was a completely separate bug that has existed since 2004, and actually happened several times back then, it just wasn’t being broadcast to thousands of viewers at the time.

Obviously, neither situation is ideal - we try our best to provide a fair playing field for everyone - but there’s a pretty massive difference between “the instance is reset and we don’t know why” and “if we do this One Weird Trick we can infinitely farm this dungeon boss.” That’s the key factor that turns something from an accident into an exploit.

This ended up being longer than I expected so I’ll wrap it up with one last caveat: there is a lot of context and nuance that goes into these situations, and they’re not usually as cut and dry as these two examples. We end up making a lot of judgement calls based on the specifics of each exploit as well as their overall impact on the game (the phrase “clever use of game mechanics” originally came from one such convoluted situation). These two cases just happen to be pretty obvious.

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