We're not making enough noise about layering

This last stress test, I randomly joined and grouped with people I literally saw on my screen multiple times on my way to level 15 during the stress test and I saw players, chat and even mobs pop in and out. I even managed to buy rare items from vendors because I had left a group and was placed in a different layer. Literally items that people in my group had wanted to purchase but couldn’t because they weren’t there. So it seems you don’t know how this implementation works.
NONE of the people I played with were people that I had already known, I met all of them during the stress test.


It seems I know more than you do. Either you’re lying and purposefully exploited the layering technology, or (more likely) Blizzard was testing the layering system and changing the amount of players that could fit on a single layer.


Neither am I lying NOR exploiting anything. I’m not giving Blizzard a pass on this either, because we don’t have the information that they were testing the system in any specific way. It’s so easy for you to pass that judgement on someone talking about a stress test because you know you are wrong. I put in a lot of hours by actually playing the game, feel free to ask Blizzard yourself, I was there.

Leaving a group you played with for a few hours because they logged out and went to sleep is now considered to be “exploiting” now. What a genius we have here, folks.


Lol, you must be a troll.

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I don’t think you realize how much people will be teleporting around with the launch numbers. There will be tons of people logging in causing overflow and tons of people inviting or getting invited to groups to quest or meet their friends or doing any sort of interaction. Layering is player traffic control and launch is the biggest and main reason they are using it so you can be sure you will see players popping in/out a lot. Once again remember Blizzard is only putting layering in for this reason and then taking it away so the popping is inevitable whether it’s sharding or layering.

On top of all this you would be getting rid of the exploits and are also unaffected past the 1-20 zones so this seems like a very minor issue to solve a vast number of problems.

As many people have shown it’s a big problem and Blizzard hasn’t had communication on the issues people are bringing up. All they have to do is communicate their plans or thoughts on these issues for people to settle down.

This is what this topic is going to turn into now?
I hope people find this topic at release if things don’t change for the better by that time.


Funny thing is, I can skip your whole thread by reading this and disagree with you. I normally hate it when people do this, but your point here is a fundamental flaw.

What if you’re wrong? What if no one can play at all because of your random guess?

Will they all be in the starting zones in the same day? I don’t think you understand why layering is important if that’s your argument.

ALL that said, I agree that layering is horrible beyond the starting zones; it’s the lesser of two evils unfortunately.

1-2 weeks is the most it should be in the game, or limit it to non-contested zones if the tech permits.


No, he just can’t argue. It’s not his fault.

It’s just that he knows more than everyone and that’s a heavy burden to bear.

The man who knew too much.

You’ve made a good point. I’m actually here to discuss the important issues the OP has brought up, not “argue” like some of the people here. Let’s focus on fixing the problem that is “layering”.

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actually, people are making too much noise about too many things that are still a work in progress.
just kick back, enjoy your next couple of months, and try not to be triggered or outraged by the blown out of proportion/fountain of exasperated misinformation that is on these forums.

just find your cave and…slide…

a lot of people seem to have purchased themselves the ‘crystal ball of doom’, which by default, always sees the worst possible outcome for something that isn’t even out yet.

Having actually played the game, I don’t see why I should sit back and wait to see what will happen if I’m not pleased with the state of it, due to certain implementations that worsen the quality of the game for me compared to what had originally been there. If you need a specific recipe to make the cake I’m looking for, you are adding in an ingredient I did not enjoy, that was not in the original recipe. You are saying let’s just see if the recipe will turn out the way you liked and remembered it as. Well going by experience with Blizzard, I do not expect that to happen, which is why we ended up with “Classic” in the first place, instead of the game going in the direction most of here had wanted, and now they have a second chance with “Classic” and still are getting it wrong with this “layering” thing.

It is possible that some people may have played during stress testing and not notice anything, but it depends how long you played, how many times you grouped up. If this situation in testing happens in live, there will be a total outrage in the community, would it not be better to fix this ahead of time?


That’s fair - let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

I need to add something that some of you may not realize. Those of you who want layering, you may not realize the effect it may have on the success of this game. A lot of people will not be happy with the results of it and it may effect how many people end up playing/quitting etc. Please consider what I’m saying, if you truly want classic to be a success. Even if I were by some miracle forced to concede that layering was our only hope, I will still be VERY concerned that it will greatly effect the game in a negative way.


what if there end up being less tourists than they’d originally expected and a lot of people end up staying + enjoying the game, then they will have a server with a huge population count only sustainable by layering, and if they disable it as promised they will end up with a server overflow, for example, they did not all think people wanted vanilla/classic servers to begin with, but the demand ended up being high and it turns out they did


lots of people aren’t going to approve of this or that, but very little (if anything) is going to change in their plans over the next two months.
people should be happy we’re actually getting to experience classic, rather than focusing on the overwhelmingly small (potential) negatives.

There is something that I would like you to understand which is that, people who played the original version of this game, want to be able to do certain things they could do before. So for instance if you enjoyed buying a rare item from an NPC to resell, with layering that’s going to be drastically changed. If that was an aspect of the game that made you want to play, you may end up not playing at all. Not everyone will be playing for the same reasons, you may think people want to play because the quests are pre Cata for instance, but that is not the case for everyone. Many people will be expecting the socialization aspect & economy aspects, both which will be severely negatively impacted from their original inception because of layering. So if you don’t care about the original social & economic & PVP aspects then I can see why layering does not effect you, otherwise you are in for a rude awakening at launch.

We’re all used to playing alone. We want layers so we can get more things done alone. I get it. But as someone who also likes playing alone, I don’t want to be at a disadvantage in comparison to people who have friends and can exploit layer hopping to not only dodge out of PvP but also grab chests, kill rares, get gathering nodes, buy limited stock from vendors in multiple layers. I’ll be competing against farmers who just stand still and hop layers instead of travelling around looking for more things. As someone who memorizes chest spawn locations and sets timers - this is a disaster.

I don’t want continent wide “layering”. Here are some things I’d sooner have:

  • Modern individual zone phasing. (That way we can’t exploit PvP or the economy by grouping with people in other zones to change our zone’s phase.)
  • Modern cross realm zones. (Have them show up in /who and let us ducking trade with one another. Seriously, you think the realm pop is dying and want to merge us? Great. But let us trade. Why can’t we trade in modern WoW? That was the real community killer, let’s be honest.)
  • Layering literally only lasting two weeks and then 100% gotten rid of.

But wait, aren’t those things modern WoW does that we hate? YES. But I hate them a lot less than this new layering tech. That’s just how much I hate it. I’d rather do those things.

Most of all, though? I think it’s a shame they aren’t even attempting to look into or test dynamic spawns. It is the superior solution because it isn’t going to break the economy of gathering nodes, chests, rares, and limited vendor stock and doesn’t impact world PvP.

By all means, I will be fine if they remove layering as promised in a timely fashion. If not, and we’re all forced to compete with people exploiting layers? Classic won’t succeed. It is not an acceptable long term solution.

At this point, what would make people like me feel better is yet another reassurance that we’re being heard, that the video evidence of exploitation have been seen, and for them to outline an actual plan to limit or time frame to remove it. I don’t personally find “we’ll stop it at Phase 1” to be an acceptable answer, I think that’s too long, but I would put up with it and it would quiet most people’s complaints.

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There’s no possible way to avoid “exploits” with layering unless they literally remove layering, and we know for sure that cross realms, and all that other junk in BFA is hated even more than layering is, so that is definitely not an option, I personally do not want cross realms or phasing or any of that at all but I like that you are giving your opinion on this. You are totally right in the fact that layering is going to severely effect even the solo, non social players. Anyone coming from BFA is actually going to end up hating it because the more friends you have the more exploitable this layering system is.
There are going to be people forced into layerhopping to grab rare items/spawn/nodes to compete in the economy. This doesn’t sound fun at all.
Also forget trying a PVP server if you are solo, since you will not only be at a disadvantage by numbers but also by people layerhopping to avoid PVP.

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now you’re putting words in my mouth by suggesting I don’t care - and simply because I see things a different way to you.
let me put a hypothetical to you - if layering is gone from the level 20-ish zones onward, would that make you feel better about it?

and for the record, anyone who would even remotely consider not playing the game at all simply because something as trivial as a single NPC would be drastically changed by layering, isn’t that enthusiastic about classic to begin with.

that’s a great example of someone cutting off their nose to spite their face.

I was saying, IF you don’t care. Not saying you do or don’t. :slight_smile:
I know it could be read either way, but I’m reiterating, I wasn’t attempting to say if you do or do not care.

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