We're not making enough noise about layering

it’s all good :wink:
i’m not against what you want in classic, I just think that conceding a little now and seeing how it turns out might stop your hair going grey in the meantime.

Well in my example, I’m not talking about a specific NPC, we’re talking about multiple problems here. Every rare spawn, every rare item, PVP, socializing & even solo play. These are big issues for this game, again it may or may not effect some people depending on what you enjoy in the game, but I guarantee it will negatively effect a lot of us, including myself. I think the next big step would be an open discussion with Blizzard if possible, with some transparency on this. Do they NEED layering or any of these other systems for a monetarily reason etc. Would they ever be open to removing all of that for a true classic experience? Do they have other ideas we can discuss instead of layering?
I feel like Blizzard is not doing their part in this discussion, and I don’t want us to beat a dead horse without an alternative here. Taking the wait and see approach is not a good one for this situation, wait and see what exactly? That they might remove layering some day? I mean if the point of the wait and see is to remove these posts off the forums because you want to talk about other things, I understand it may be annoying to see it but I promise you unless something is done about it,the amount of posts about this at release it may be far worse than you can imagine if we don’t do something about it now.

What is the issue exactly for WHY they need layering?
If its not enough spawns, then increase the spawn rate of mobs.
If it’s the potential that people will quit and you’ll be on a dead server then add a BIG disclaimer when you create a character of that possibility.

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but wouldn’t you rather just let them get on with meeting the deadline, rather than wasting time discussing options about something which - in all likelihood - they have a clear picture of how they want it to be utilized come august?

if layering serves to avoid ridiculously overpopulated bottlenecks early in the game, and then dissipates as the players fan out, it’s a very small price to pay.

of course there are concerns based on the beta and stress test, but they are concerns they will now be addressing, and if they don’t get it perfect…it just proves they are human and we continue on.

I think we’re making too much noise and not enough counter suggestions.

Layering is in place to make sure that the servers don’t become ghost towns after the tourists leave. Do we have a better system that we can implement on the servers that isn’t disruptive and solve the same issue?

layering is a necessary evil, end of discussion

As much as I’d like to play the original game, no, I’d rather they get it right before meeting an arbitrary deadline. They had it right 15 years ago.

Why is layering better than just increasing the spawn rate of mobs in the starting zones?

If they address our concerns from the tests that will be great, but I have not seen that happening yet for anything I’ve participated in, so that is the only wait and see I can almost agree with so far.

Do you guys remember how classic questing works? One person loots a quest item and it has a 5m respawn timer

If this is the true reason for layering, then I’d rather have free server migrations from the dead servers to populated ones, where only your character, their levels and reputation levels & quest items carry over, but their items/armor/money does not, unless its quest rewards. Simply because server migration is mostly an economic issue, so if the migrating character don’t bring any items, that won’t be a big problem. Along with an affix to their name like * or such so you know they were a migrated character, to solve potential social issues.

Limiting it to 1-20 zones. Solves all the issues while helping with the starting congestion.


That doesn’t really help with server death after the retail tourists leave, it’s just moving the problem of overpopulation to a different zone.

I don’t have any friends to bring in from BFA, haven’t had friends that play WoW in a long time other than my girlfriend. I’m excited TO make friends and join a guild. I can’t wait to be part of the social experience that was vanilla all over again because it’s been so long. I will take great joy in leveling professions and supplying a guild with free and cheap extra mats or items. I’m very profession-focused, so the economy has always been my biggest concern with layering.

However, unsolicited whispers and party invites are another factor that are going to become the norm with layers. We’re all expecting the occasional ‘hey can you sign my guild charter?’ type communication, but now we’re going to get ‘hey random newbie, can I party up with you to layer hop?’ from strangers miles away. Or worse, just party invites, no whispers at all. And if you’re in a guild, definitely expect people to be asking for this sort of thing in guild chat.

Players need to man up and deal with ganking on their own time, and not bother their guild mates for this sort of thing, or as mentioned, complete strangers. But if it becomes a social norm to ask for layer hops, I will be obliged to give them. Because I will want them, too. How else can I compete? Not by being the only one not doing it because it’s the honorable thing to do.

It was asked how we feel about laying stopping at level 20 - firstly, they’ve made no indication that’s an option. Afterall, why would they need continent wide layer tech just for level 20 and under? But all the same, isn’t also normal for slightly high leveled players in other faction from adjacent zones to swoop in and be an annoyance for a while? If cap things by level, Redridge and the Crossroads will feel too safe. Stopping layering at a particular level is going to impact the experience just as much, so I can’t be satisfied with it as a solution, either.

You’re not thinking it through.

WTS layer invite 1g

Think of the profits.


It’s exactly the same as layering in terms of server population control. It’s still in place in those 1-20 zones so during that first few days/week when everyone is low level it’s literally exactly the same going over the realms player cap. This would work extremely well since everyone is starting at level 1 so by the time lots of people are leaving the 20 zones people will be so paced out that they should all fit in a single layer for the 20-60 zones. Remember that cities would be in this 1-20 zone filter and that Blizzard wants to remove layering within a few weeks anyway so this system would be perfect to get rid of all the exploits/pvp issues and help all congestion and server problems.

You’re also very dedicated to comment vigorously on each of these threads pointing out how many of them there are, while writing just as many similar comments yourself about the same issue over and over again.

I’ll give you that it’s quite funny to see you very swiftly putting your comment in very early on, so that the fact that this is a reoccurring issue doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone looking in the comments. :grin:


Except you can easily layer hop just by having people on different layers invite you. This allows people with brains to double/triple/ect down on rare spawns and resources. It also allows you to easily avoid PvP.

As a guy that only plays on PvP servers layering is a total deal breaker. If I wanna shrine camp the guy until he logs… then by all means let me do it. Don’t let the guy just get an invite from a guildy on another layer and disappear the moment he’s out of combat. Or call in multiple friends from other layers and have them just SHOW UP for no logical reason.

It’s going to ruin PvP servers. That alone makes it a no go for me.


You guys do realize that a lot of the characters phasing in and out was intentional on Blizzard’s part as a way to increase server load?


Was the layerhopping (both unintentionally and intentionally), to get rare items/mobs & avoid/overpower PVP, intentional on Blizzard’s part as well?


yeah im not sure how its “vanilla wow” when its 1.12 with cross realm layering. lol

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Does the quote say that? Did I say that?

Would you prefer grouping up and killing the same boar for a couple hours? That is legit how I leveled on Northdale with 12k launch population in the starting zone to level 5.