"We're always open to feedback, but I doubt we'll change our mind on automatic dungeon finder."

I dont care about what the “popular” opinion is, or what you think it is. I don’t care about what gaming "journalists " think, or internet "celebrities ". If that makes me a troll, then I’m a troll. At least im not concerned about needing validation of the above to believe my views are correct.

Inb4 another npc comment about how streamers or youtubers disagree with me and that makes me wrong.

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Lol you’re not a troll but not caring about anyone else but yourself is the very definition of ignorance, you can choose to live in that blissful ignorance but you can evolve your mind set and opinions if you actually bothered seeing other people’s arguments and viewpoints.


The glue is finally getting to ya isnt it.


I had over 300 likes on my thread “daily reminder we want RDF” it got deleted almost a month in. It is not that we have not had the likes… it’s that we get mass reported by the troll army and deleted.


Whatever man, i’m just gonna stop feeding you replies. I can’t imagine how miserable of a person you must be if you’re like to strangers on an MMO forum lmao.

Good luck.

This honestly seems to be the most common tactic, I saw that troll Lemonfont make a thread about anti-RDF yesterday and out of his 90 likes almost 50 or 60 were confirmed to be the same troll alts from RDF/GDKP or whatever his name was and people were calling it out the whole way.

It just makes me think most of these anti-RDF guys are trolls more than actual people who believe in it.


The antiRDF crowd, admitting they struggle with basic integers.

Here’s my very simple reply in the official post announcing their RDF stance. You’ll note my post is over 450 likes and still growing, while Blizzard’s own post - which announces much, much more than no RDF - has been sitting at slightly over 100 likes for quite some time.

There are plenty of threads that did better than that post, but I get that running out of fingers and toes to count so high can make the numbers seem unreal.


Im like this to the goons who are making demands by posting a bunch of threads about the same topic using hyperbole and whiny hollow threats to quit playing over something so trivial.

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Can’t wait to see him come up with some other half baked lie to dismiss it, good response :+1:


Most of these antiRDF trolls used to visit the TBC threads requesting an early implementation of RDF. And the majority of them would say the same thing:

“It’s a Wrath feature, it shouldn’t be in the game before Wrath!!”

And now that the geniuses™ at Blizzard have given them this, they are all too happy to drive the goalposts clear off a cliff.

Even Ion repeated an often disingenuous reply of “if you want RDF, it’s right there in Retail,” as if the sole difference between Classic and Retail is the existence of RDF.


I actually forgot he said this, the funniest part is that he used to be a massive forum troll back in the day before he got his position at Blizzard.

Makes sense why the trolls gravitate to that argument, birds of the same feather flock together.


Who honestly gives a christ what any youtuber or streamer thinks about anything.


Threads and videos are created by complainers. The reason there aren’t thousands of happy anti-RDF posts/videos is because those people got what they wanted, no need to go shouting about it.

PLENTY of folks are happy it’s not in. I am one of those folks. It’s a tool for the lazy, and I’m glad it’s not in. If you want a group for a dungeon, you’ll look for one. Or help them make the LFG tool better to make it easier for you to find one. But instead, RDF people are just like “I know how to fix the LFG tool! Make it the RDF tool. Done. Bam. Easy fix.” Which is what I expect from a group that actively seeks a way to be more lazy.


Jesus you people miss the entire context:

Even aside from YouTubers no major publication or forum supports anti-RDF.


Honestly just soubds like youre crying to me. If they put RDF in GREAT! If they dont then oh well i think youll survive

Imagine using YouTube and forum likes as a metric to make design decisions

kekw out of touch


More than half of these videos and streamers just want views. If there was RFD you’d see videos of why there should be no RFD LOL (I’ve seen them back in 2012).

Kk show me what you consider a valid source for anti-RDF representation.

Nah once that XP buff ends all you have is a janky LFG retail tool that doesn’t work and a nerfed dungeon experience, leveling experience will be horrible and so will finding groups end game since LFG chat will be spammed with GDKPs and boosts like before.

They absolutely need to do something about it.

I mean sure but most websites, forums, discords all point to pro-RDF.

The anti-RDF crowd are small and few, they have no real support from any credible source.

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People on both sides of this always say the data is in their favor. The truth is we don’t have any data, because blizzard can’t be bothered to actually collect it, because they don’t really care what we want as long as it doesn’t impact subs too much. No RDF is easier than RDF, so they went with no RDF then came up with some “community” based reasons to justify it.

I am for RDF, but the only way they will change their mind is if subs drop off considerably and I just don’t see that happening.

Just watch lmao, the people coming to WoTLK Classic will expect a 2008 experience only to find half the systems from the original game are gutted with mass RMT and GDKP.

Knowing this community every raid tier will have a GDKP the 2nd week out with mass bots farming gold daily, this happened in both 2019 Classic and 2021 TBC. Wrath will be exploited the same way and all of these changes make it ripe for exploitation.

I appreciate you taking the time to do the legwork to investigate your hypothesis.

To be perfectly honest, I would argue they aren’t even listening to our rabid anti-rdf sweat lords. Blizzard has a long and storied history of making decisions based on this misplaced philosophy they know best for the player base.

That mindset might have been proper through WOTLK, and can we blame them? Those teams built the most popular MMO in the history of video games. But that success created the hubris we saw on display through SystemLands. And look where we are today.

All that to say, the Classic Team isn’t listening to feedback; they made this decision because they have a vision for the game it is by the grace of their divine plan that they will lead us into the promised land.

After living through 18 years of Blizzard’s wow team decisions, I’m not surprised.