Well there go my glowey eyes

Yeah. Still kinda sucks

I agree :slight_smile:

I checked all races/classes including DK.

Night elves blood elves and DKs on PTR

I wonder if they’ll ever fix the helm and dh eye deletion.

They are not final. I am not saying not to provide feedback, keep doing that and saying EXACTLY what you want but keep in mind its still in development and we won’t actually be getting Visions of N’zoth until 2020 so there is time.

And, to be honest, its been really needed…

This does not look good at all, you can quite literally see the particle effect hovering in front of the eyes. Its about time it got some proper attention and were brought in line with modern eye glowing effects like the new Worgen Models and Zandalari Models.


Elves in D&D have “Darkvision”.

Elves in WarCraft have LED Peepers.


Yep! The floating orb texture thing first appeared on Night Elves and Forsaken in Vanilla as a workaround for smaller eyesockets, a much more strict polygon budget, and no advanced shaders like we have available today. Things have come a long way and it’s no longer necessary, so they’re fixing it.

Heck they might even act as actual light sources in-game now, subtly casting light on your character’s face. How cool would that be?

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Hopefully they they do fix the glowey eyes, I don’t care for the orb floating just in front of the eye.

Currently on PTR:


I WANT THAT FOREVER. I like the softer glow!



Yeah that’s fair. Again mostly just gonna miss em cause from a distance they do look neat

I kind of what them to be a notch brighter, but agree with you, eyes should not light up a room or look like strobe lights when you blink. :grin:


don’t glowing eyes make it hard to see? Eyes are supposed to let light in right? not the other way around?

Agreed! Though, I think now is a great time to express what yall would love to see in the new eyes. Personally, I would love to see something similar to Bolvar’s eyes in the cinematic. That wispy smoke effect coming off them :slight_smile:


Yeah, I would be okay with a smidge brighter. Right now, I feel like my DK is a substitute for a camera flash. lol

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I think it looks good on the night elf but it leaves something to be desired for DKs


Looking at the pic Byucknah posted, it’d be neat to have wispy effect for DKs.

Yeah it could be cool

Bwonsamdi’s eyes are a good example of how the wispy effect would look in game. (showing it doesnt have to be from a trailer cinematic to look cool!)


In remembrance of your once beautiful eyes. An oldie that turned 50 this year:

Oh man, that is a way better visual example. I feel like it would need to be toned down slightly but it would look pretty cool!