Well, now that we know that the devs are definitely listening!

Hello everyone! I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet, these topics have been discussed to death, this post is simply calling for the devs to bring attention to them. I’m so excited for classic, more then i have been for any game in recent memory. - However these two things; Loot sharing and Sharding could have extremely detrimental affects to the overall experience of the game and I would hate to see that happen.

Sharding: In my opinion is the biggest threat to classic at the moment, to be quite frank I believe that if Sharding is placed into classic, it could single handedly ruin the entire feel of classic. Community is everything in classic, and I think preserving that community needs to be top priority.

Loot Sharing: Loot sharing can and will be abused if it is put into the classic the way that its being proposed. The ability for four people to roll against one, then trade it to funnel gear is going to make pugging an absolute nightmare. Dungeon gear is extremely important and having an unfair advantage going against you is going to be extremely frustrating. Its never a good idea for the community to favor a system where its encouraged to pin people against one another.

I hope to hear about these two extremely important topics soon devs, thank you so much for your time everyone! Here’s to hoping for the best possible classic that we can have!

EDIT: WE DID IT BOIS!!! One down one to go, thanks devs!
Loot Trading in Classic *updated*


Listening, but to who?

Haha thanks! I made some grammatical corrections :slight_smile:

We always read about people against sharding but never of an actual alternative that addresses the longevity and health of server populations months from now. What would you do with all the tourists? How will you distinguish from someone who will play til level 8 vs level 40+

Separate subs for the first 3 months.

A box cost, even if just for the first 3 months.

Time the release of classic to coincide with a major BFA patch.

July 16th?!?! At least that’s when season 2 ends according to their schedule.

I personally wouldn’t mind your first two suggestions but I wouldn’t think they would go over well. Releasing on a major bfa patch release would be ideal though.

Sharding is an excellent solution to address bloat, early on, and loot trading is no different than master looting and loot reserve runs.

Neither are game breaking, neither are a threat to anything. Both are easily adapted to and will have an incredibly low impact on Classic.


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actual logic, hard to come by :grin:

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Except I can choose not to run in groups with ML or reserved loot


True. And you can choose to run with guildies and friends to avoid loot funneling in pugs.

Or even trust that most folks won’t abuse loot trading.

Either way, it’s gonna be there and personal loot isn’t an option. Gonna have to find a way to adapt.

It’ll be ok. Promise.

Yeah it will be mostly okay, but irritating none the less.
Sharding will be okay if they keep their promise of only using it on launch aswell.


Yeah. I agree with you man, and hope they stick to their promise.

conspiracy time: I think blizzard knows they aren’t going to use sharding or group loot but are saving the right time to drop it to squeeze through a feature that will save them dev time and costs but will be unliked by the community.

Blizz won’t do the third because they want people to resub/come back for classic which is the same appeal they want with new patches. They would be wasting a spike in subs.

Separate subs I don’t see working either because blizz wants people to come for classic but play retail also.

The box cost, seems like a viable solution but that may put off a lot of people. If they did it for a month that would be nice

We did it bois!

You can choose to make a group that doesn’t have 4 guildies together.

The difference between 4 Guildies swapping to ML for a boss with eg hand of justice, or whatever high prised item and them rolling 4 times on it and trading it was that previously you had a 1 in 5 chance … now you have no chance.

LOL if they used ML you had no chance to begin with.

They will use ML now.