Well, now that we know that the devs are definitely listening!

I personally believe sharding as a tool for the very beginning to allow gameplay in lower levels for say 1-2 weeks TOPS ONLY is a good idea. Sharding beyond that however? . . . I WILL NEVER BUY OR PLAY A BLIZZARD ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. Sharding murdered my main’s wpvp server. It, if used extended and in higher level zones past the initial start up, will murder Classic’s world and community.


I just honestly dont see them avoiding using it for say, the gates of AQ if they use it at launch:/

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From what I know, the devs always listen to the vocal players to some extent, even if they are the ones that should not be listened to. Look at GD and tell me they have a healthy idea of what WoW should be. This is what blizz listens to for retail WoW.

The classic WoW community is healthier and more vocal about things that genuinely matter.

Retail WoW is catering to it’s players, but it’s players are just idiots. Vocalization about changes to make the game more meaningful get shot down by ‘muh wife and kids’ types that want the game to be playable even if you dont have time to log in at all.

The problem is that blizz listened to the vocal minority over the past 10 years and drove their game into the ground. Even still this vocal minority sees more representation in game design than their core playerbase. Retail is all incredibly easy and incredibly hard content. There is nothing there for the average gamer. The vocal outlier is what retail is designed for. Their feedback gathering system is inherently flawed. It just happens to work with classic because this echo chamber actually has good ideas.