Well blizzard


Remove layering now? Please no. Servers are already 3,500% of what it was during the times of vanilla. If you remove layering this early, it will be like New York City in the middle of rush hour all over Azeroth. I can guarantee they have an agenda to remove layering during phase 2 that will be pushed back.

They also made that video with the mentality that 9 total servers were going to be enough to support the player base.


If people are not willing to move or take advantage of the free transfers, then tough love must be applied. In order for phase 2 to come about we need single layering. So take advantage of the transfers. Force the single layer on these high pop realms and people will be forced to gravitate if they want to do any questing.

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Layering is not an exploit! Stop with all this nonsense and whining. Layering is working as it was intended and has been made it possible for more people to play Classic not less. Yes, and Blizzard put in a delay and every time a player switches layers that delay gets longer and longer also working as intended. People like yourself should pay more attention to what you are doing and worry less about what other people are doing. If you are an adult, you are a bit old to feel a sense of entitlement and the necessity to tattletale on other players.

Another player is ruining my experience of playing Classic. It is unfair that they get more than I do. It is unfair that people are at higher levels than I. This list is endless of the level of whining taking place by these #nochange players that blaming everything on retail for their endless amounts problems. Which shoots all kinds of holes through the notion that the player base back in Vanilla was far less toxic. I been reading enough toxic behavior from the hardcore Vanilla people that have taken to the forums to voice their displeasures. Many of them act worse than the many I have engaged in retail for years now. Have a Nice Day!


It is an exploit if used in a manor not intended. Also, post on your classic avatar or dont be taken seriously.


100% true.

Layering was created to distribute players in a way as to make the server resources not strained to the point of failure.

Layering exploits are when a player sees a Black Lotus node, farms it, then immediately shifts to another layer, farms it, then shifts to another layer, farms it, ad nauseam.

This is a clear exploit of the intended design. It should be immediately bannable.



" Originally Posted by Kaivax (Official Post)

We recently developed a hotfix that restricts frequent layer-hopping, without impacting those who simply wish to play with their friends. Following realm restarts earlier today, this hotfix is now live in all realms in the Americas and Oceania region.

Now, each time a player moves to a new layer, there will be an increasing amount of time before that player can move to another layer. If a player moves between layers multiple times over a short timeframe, the cooldown can increase to a duration of several minutes (or longer) before they can change layers again. The cooldown will then decrease over time for players who don’t change layers.

This hotfix will become active in other regions following their next realm restarts.

Thank you!"


Its not. All of the original servers are still mostly full at peak times, 70% of the player base is still under level 40. Its packed for most players.

I have a level 21 character as my highest classic alt, and you’re going to accuse me of abusing layering? I’m confused what draws you to an MMO, let alone forums when you can’t be a decent person through even 2 sentences.

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Having lower populated shards that allow you to quest more easily get your quests done is taking advantage of something that should not be in the game.


no ty, still massive competition over mobs everywhere. Don’t need 10+ hour queues again.


No thank you. I still have queues on my server.
And layering is GOOD for people who use AH to get 1-2 missing matts. Prices are low and I can finally afford these leathers needed for blacksmithing.


I fail to see where they gave any sort of firm time table.

They will do it, but no on your schedule.


You’re just not reading anything anyones saying. There isn’t anything about questing in lower zones that is easy right now. There are places you have to find where a mob respawns and camp it so you can actually try to get a tag because the competition is that high. Removing layering makes this problem worse and has the added down side of increased log in times. You don’t really understand what you’re arguing for.


What is the constant and incessant whining about this for?
My god people… play the dang game and stop already…


And its worse with unique named quest mobs. Took me forever to kill the Defias Messenger in Westfall, 40 people standing around, all trying to kill the same dude who spawns in 1 place. Its like watching a train wreck.


Define: few weeks.

We’re at just over two weeks ATM so if you asked me they have at least until monday until few weeks is officially triggered and even then the definition of few weeks is vague enough to give them additional wiggle room. Also who says they already haven’t reduced?

Or we could just recognize that just because they thought layer reduction would be feasible in weeks that after launch they’ve reevaluated the need for them and will keep them on longer than initially planned.


Yes, but, since its not in Vanilla, its not allowed. Forget that, man, i wanna stare at 8 hr queues!!! GIMMIE QUEUES!!! /sarcasm off.

That is basically what people are screaming, its amusing, or sad, not sure which.

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I play on a full server and this is not the case. You are using hyperbole to try and prove your position.


I play on a full server and it is my experience, and it seems to be shared by many people.


Well, you are being near sighted to the fact that you experience one thing, and not taking in to consideration that other people, on other servers, may be experiencing a much worse time of it.

Just because you arnt having issues, doesnt mean they dont exist.

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When layering was broken on Whitemane, NO ONE could quest. over 60 people fighting for 4 spawn points.