Welcome to Turalyon!

If you are reading this post, you’re probably new or considering coming to the realm. Here are some quick statistics I will probably forget to update.

Turalyon Realm Overview

Current rank (2/24/2019): 15 of 120

Total Population: 8,095

Alliance: 2,664

Horde: 5,431

Server Timezone: EST

Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/turalyon

Turalyon Warcraftlogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/server/id/226

Battlegroup: Vindication

Turalyon is an amazingly tight knit community of guilds dedicated to growing the realm as a whole. You won’t find a server with stronger identity. We make it a point to excel not just as our individual guilds, but also to make all the guilds of the realm stronger.


  • We have many leaders willing to rotate hosting Normal, Achievement, Heroic & Mythic runs on a regular basis. Obviously a lot of this depends on people having the free time to host these, but we’ve done it for years (for example, Chosen runs and M Guldan mount farming runs with Turalyon raiders as priority last expansion).

  • Excellent opportunities: (if you’re in the realm discord) Turalyon guilds host a myriad of functions to help players of all guilds come together and succeed. Don’t bother trying to pug a heroic - join a run that you know is going to succeed. If you are in a heroic guild and looking to dip your toes into mythic, there are plenty of guilds that would love to use you as a fill in or even an addition to their roster. This also gives you a great avenue into developing your alts!

  • More options means a better talent pool in relation to overall size in one small realm. Need help recruiting one or two people? Just ask those of us in the realm discord. We will help! Your guild’s success is our success as a realm.

  • We have Horde AND Alliance. We’d like to avoid leaning heavily to one faction or another. Have alts on either faction? Not a problem. It’s really easy to get them into a guild even if you’re joining to play casually. Our realm discord allows both factions to boost and support each other as well as chatter in a way we wouldn’t have in prior expansions to make our realm closer than ever.

  • Great niche realm for weekend raiding on both factions. We have several very successful Heroic and Mythic weekend guilds at a variety of levels, so we’re the go to realm if you fall into that niche category. We often end up with alts of high end raiders on our rosters helping as well. It’s wonderful!

  • WE DO NOT POACH ON REALM. To keep a strong community, we need to help each other on realm not break each other down. Raiders may come and go as their intentions/aspirations change, but we’ll always help guilds fill gaps with new raiders. I will say that we have two guilds (one on each faction that kinda ignore this, but for the most part it’s pretty true).

  • We are (as of this post) top 20 for US realms despite our low population, meaning we have some major talent in our player pool despite our size. We’ve been in the top 10 in Legion as well.

  • We run the recruitment & community discord for ALL realms, helping the entire WoW community as a whole while maintaining our focus on our realms guilds and players more specifically.

It’s a perfect opportunity for guilds that are tired of banging their head against the recruitment wall, we’ll definitely help people find homes. If you need help recruiting at any level, bring your guild over and we will do everything we can. I personally focus on guilds at a CE level, so I try really hard to ensure they stay stable and have an influx of applications. You can ask guilds yourself. We even have transfer guilds including Meters Over Mechanics and Massacre Scene who have done very well since coming here. Ask Senkei and Terror yourself. :smiley: I am also dying to have more casual players on realm for a variety of reasons. Either way, I hope to see some new faces in the discord and on the realm.

Our realm discord is here: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB behind the !turalyon command. Our realm events are hosted here as well so feel free to participate or host your own!

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read through this wall of text.

  • Sieara of Turalyon (Btag: Sieara#1968 / Discord: Sieara#6473)

TLDR; transfer to Turalyon if you haven’t already. <3

Those people from the realm, feel free to drop some fun stories in here from your time on the realm over the lifetime of the server to keep it interesting.


The Mythic Guldan runs were always fun. I hope we can do the same with Mythic Jaina before the end of the expansion. I never get tired of mount farming with people!

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Funny story is while leveling(like lvl 50) during WotLK I was on my way to BRD and had PvP flagged. Well, these 80s were camping the chains and killing everyone and anyone, so being a druid I was able to stealth (surprised they didn’t see me being higher lvl) and was able to Typhoon all 5 of them off into the Lava.

Now for some delicious spam.
<Annunaki> (H-US-Turalyon) is an AotC focused raid group looking to welcome more social/casual players as well as brand new players!
With a chill atmosphere full of knowledgeable players for island expos, mythic+, hosted runs for x-mog, weekend ‘alt’ runs, and whatever else comes our way.
If you would like more information please check out: https://guildsofwow.com/annunaki
Or feel free to message me on Discord(preferred) at:Aureil#6653
Or Btag: eternainfer#1281


yo bud, u guys still for more dps? keen to join :slight_smile:

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Heya, not sure if directed at me but feel free to shoot me a msg on discord and we can chat!


whats your discord man

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His discord tag is Aureil#6653 - I think he went afk but he’s pretty responsive generally.

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thank you his friend hihi

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and mine is weeman#0531 tell him i added him already.

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Did you get ahold of him? If not, I’ll ping him.

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yeap, we’ve spoke


thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Glad it worked out.

I have this three day old 120 druid that I love to heal M+ on but it feels shallow in alliance right now. May Aerie is too large or just haven’t found the right guild. What I’m reading here I’m finding quite intriguing.

So if I faction and realm transfer what do I lose? Thinking of Ally to horde, Aerie to Turalyon but have not once played horde this expansion. I’m afraid lol.


Turalyon is a very welcoming server, whether alliance or horde. Play the faction you prefer and you will find a great fit here on Turalyon.

Of course horde is the master faction…sorry couldn’t resist.

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Not that I try and have faction bias since there are some good alliance people, butttt…I was the blue guys for over a decade and less than a year ago I made the switch to the red guys and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in WoW.


Well, considering it’s 3 days old, probably not a whole lot. I mean, I could try helping you find a guild on your realm before you dive into our realm since that’s a big chunk of money you’d need to spend to both faction and realm swap.

Also, we have some very friendly alliance guilds as well. Are you in the discord?

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Yup, I’m KulMark#0396
edit: already did the xfer, relieved I don’t have to grind out Pathfinder part 1 again! :smiley:


Yeah I think you only had to redo starter quests or something. We’ve had a few people go from Alliance to Horde and Horde to Alliance (For Synthesis/Legend/Astral/Massacre Scene).

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We all know Horde is the bestest. :smiley: