Weekly Conquest Cap Increase -- April 12

With scheduled weekly maintenance in each region (tomorrow, April 12 here), we will make the following change:

  • The maximum amount of Conquest that can be earned now increases by 1100 Conquest per week.

The cap previously grew by 550 Conquest per week.


and how about valor? 500/1000 weapon cost increase is a bit insane with the current valor cap


Is this going to be retroactive? or only going forward?

This is really cool for finishing off the few remaining slots, but could feel daunting for new players/alts to have such high caps.

  • Will more (all) Conduits be added to the vendors?

  • Will Conquest Points earned be increase or will a new Cosmic Gladiator Equipment Chest be introduced to vendors?

(https://www.wowhead.com/item=188174/unchained-equipment-chest ):slight_smile:

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Wow, that is awesome.

Did we forget about valor?


good change ty

you know it’s not retroactive.

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valor too pls!
or remove valor cap in general…


Finally a change that I can’t complain about.

You need to increase the valor cap as well.


Remove honor gear completely instead and make unrated conq gear cost honor and let upgrading gear + conduits cost conquest


cool. Can we increase valor cap as well?


Very cool, wouldn’t mind seeing a similar change to valor!


Just tossing my thoughts here in case it matters:

Limiting Valor/Conquest at all when we are several weeks into the patch seems like an overall loss for most player types.

At best, you are stretching out engagement, and limiting player fulfillment time, at the risk of creating a player experience that is frustrating to engage with (being capped and continuing to do content). Some players may value the cap, as a way to feel “done” for the week. At worse, the cap is a frustrating experience, barring players from making sustained progress on their characters at a rate that feels personally gratifying. These heavily engaged players may want to target completing a gear set in PvP, or upgrading some new items to play with in Mythic+. Instead they have to wait weeks for new resets and cap increases… which is just not fun.

There is already an item level limitation for PvE and Valor, in that it only goes to 272, and 278 gear is obtained through Mythic raid or Great Vault. Enabling players to push their characters to 272 now promotes a healthy progression scale without rendering all content pointless - tier and trinkets make Heroic raid still important despite lower item level.

For PvP, this is just an experience preventing players from progressing their characters at a rate that feels rewarding. The cap increase will inevitably free this up, and eventually hit a point where the cap is so high it is irrelevant, but why wait to that point - when players who WANT to heavily engage could just get their just rewards now.

I would respectfully like to understand why the design is to cap these currencies this far into the patch. It seems like a way to respect the reward profiles early on the tier, but a painful/frustrating/confusing experience for various player types.

Thanks for reading my feedback.


Really hope there is a big increase to the Valor cap tomorrow.

The upgrade costs are insane and pvpers don’t even have to farm their gear slots they can upgrade in whatever order they want…and now get a cap increase too?

Wow talk about living the dream.


How about removing or increasing Valor cap as well?


Is this because the season is going to be noticeably shorter?

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YAY. now, my main will only be 4 weeks behind my alt in terms of gearing potential vs the 8 weeks due to vault rng.

I know, I’m trying to figure out why they did this. Maybe participation is really low