Weekly Conquest Cap Increase -- April 12

And valor is not increasing because…? Blizz really hates m+ only players huh… I’m 3100 io healer and I still literally have 0pc of tier because apparently blizz thought it was a cool idea to let tier work right away in m+ but not allow m+ only players to get any tier till months after raiders by crafting it with a way too late creation catalyst, and then still timegating it even further to 1 per week. So for 2 months you’ve got your 9% chance per week from M+ vault, what a joke RNG loot system.

Valor remains at the same cap while conquest doubles. Why? Usually pvp get the finger too but this time they’re giving a slight bone to pvpers, but apparently screw m+ players huh? Why create 3 separate endgame activities then treat those who do certain ones like second class citizens? Blizz killing their own game not allowing players to play the game how they want and focus on the endgame activity they actually enjoy and be able to compete decently in it (real fun missing 20-50% power from tier in m+ or arena for literally months because you don’t raid).


Next you should put a nice little vendor that has all the 291 runecarving legos that we can buy for like 500g.


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I don’t think they care about PVP participation. They seem happy to just give us a new box to deathmatch in every now and then, and whatever happens to the PVP playerbase happens.

PVP gearing alts is unbearable. The Great Vault is awful for players who want to PVP and PVE. This is a welcome change. Hopefully they increase honor/conquest per match next.

Great change. 550 makes RNG from the vault too important.

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Did you just say retroactive lol this ain’t a job! …wait it kinda is aint it.

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it’s insanely low
multiglads are showing up at the 1600 bracket atm

enough to only buy cloaks and rings every week and that’s all i get in vault. but hey with this change, after almost 2 years into the expansion, they nailed it!

Maybe because RBGs are ruined by boosters and extreme amounts of teaming, so people picking it up for rewards that don’t exist in unrated are getting gatekeeped by a mode held hostage by bad actors.

Sorry Blizz, but the conquest point cap ain’t the issue. You need a solo only rated mode and a matchmaker that can’t be gamed by boosters.

Read my reply to the other person.

While I agree valor should be increased as well. You’re argument is awful in terms of comparing it to PvP. As PvP is an afterthought 98% of the time.

Now you know how it feels. And this is just something minor LOL

Please also increase both honor and conquest rewards, and further reduce honor cost to purchase and upgrade honor gear.

an altoholic trying to gear 12 characters.


Yes, and no.

The cap exists as a means to gate gear progression otherwise people would literally just do 40+ keys in a week and zoom up 20 iLvls faster than the regular casual playerbase. The way the vault works its basically fair for everyone in the sense that the guy doing 40+ keys can get the same rewards as somebody who just did 1-4. Also, the raid tiers are balanced around getting gear from the previous tiers, and M+ is mainly just filler inbetween that.

I can agree that removing the cap is definitely appropriate when the majority of the playerbase are a few iLvls below or near the iLvl cap for the patch because it’s mainly for alt catch-up on gear. Right now less than 10 guilds in the world have killed Mythic Jailer so it’s not appropriate.

I’m sure once 9.2.5 launches it’ll be uncapped valor though.

Solo Shuffle Ranked also? You forgot to write it.

Valor gear only goes up to 272. Mythic raid gear is 278 and higher.

The max ilvl you can get from mythics is like 265 from 15s. Wheras mythic raids have higher ilvl drops that arent tied to the great vault.

Its 262 from +15, so worse than heroic raid.

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Yea I was guessing. The valor cap is what lets you get the 272s. And the great vault rng sort of makes you want to use it later so you don’t use valor on a piece you could get from the vault. I find using it on weapons a good investment for now for example.

Its more like neglected dogs, and every once in a while they decide to take the poor things to the dog park and take pictures to show how well they treat their animals.

Can we double the amount per win for each category too? Takes a long time to cap. Takes a long time to get three vault slots too (which you really really need as rng is the worst). When you’re undergeared and have to win games it really sucks…

I can lol… It’s a band aid that will now let them ignore the bigger problem (time to cap). Seriously can’t enjoy more than one character. Trying to gear an undergeared alt through PvP is the worst experience ever mid/late season. Legit going to PvE gear them first so it doesn’t make me hate PvP life. That or I’ll be smart and go back to boycotting PvP because of blizzards dumb design choice.

Also can we make PvP and PvE choices seperate? That way people can PvP and PvE on the same character without getting hamstrung in one form of content :expressionless: bleh so many poor decisions.

Valor? I feel like a week worth should be enough to upgrade any slot at least once.

Any news on deleting the valor cap and never bringing it back again?