Weekly class tuning.. lol

they could buff this crap shot 10% every week and the game will end before it actually is any good.

Steady shot is just trash, they need to make it multi/additive damage per cast or have it proc a chance at an auto fired instant aimed shot to be sort of useable…


Ye@H i StOpPeD pLaYiNg.


You actually think blizzard, activision AND microsoft give a good goddang about what six whiners on a seasonal servers forums think?

Jesus the MCS in this game is staggering.

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Yeah if you trust blizzard you’re braindead. End of story.

Lol after all these years they cant figure out why three people cant automate class tuning

They only keep tuning the first half of the phase, then let it chill and focus on the next phase.

They did this in p1.

We didn’t have any tuning for almost a month until p2 came out.

All the tuning at this point will come with p3.

Ur not sugar free.

You trust them, obviously, or you wouldn’t be here.

Retail players are the target sod demographic

I’m not interested in playing wows first bad expansion again. And after seeing how needed logs were for gnomer pugs, I don’t want to fight bwd nefarian with this community. Most of you won’t see tier unless it’s LFR in cata.

Like even catas heroic dungeons are harder than gnomer, good luck.

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Cata with wow tokens :face_vomiting:

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Sounds like complaining for the sake of complaining.

Explains all the clowns.

Sod and Cata are probably going to be 2 different player bases.

The raids in cara had mechanics.
Will be an easier retail.

Sod is much closer to classic where a fight consists of one maybe 2 mechanics.

Heretical language

Haha sod > cata its not even close. Cata was a huge disappointment for me tbh and was the expac that made me stop playing for a long time.

Without changes. SoD and Cata will both be awful.

SoD has the potential. But it needs a lot of attention