Weekly class tuning.. lol

Pretty sure SoD has been put on the backburner for Cata, seems they’ve given up on this phase atleast. The weekly class tuning that was promised is barely there and what is, is useless. (Edited due to white knight trolls playing with semantics.)

I guess wait for phase 3 for changes and inevitable imbalances followed by 2 or 3 massive nerf hammers then scuffed buffs that make it worse then silence. Hopefully it ends up less scuffed than it is currently.


Their target demographic is moving to cataclysm, and they don’t know how to deliver what Classic players want.

Cruise control activated.


Did they really say weekly?

I guess Cata would be a better version of SoD really.

They didn’t compliment vanilla wow with well thought out new ideas that fit in with what already existed.

Instead they dropped a nuke on vanilla with barely thought out and tested ideas shoe horned in, completely destroying what existed before and then left it lol.

Yes they did.


We haven’t missed a week yet, what are you on about?

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Read again.

I fail to understand.

The intent was to update quickly (ie: weekly), which they have held to. They didn’t promise to meet the approval of a collection of squeaky wheels. (and yes, that includes me)

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Well in the last 2 weekly hotfixes they’ve only touched on 5 specs total. 90% of those changes had no impact.

For example.

This is completely useless.



For the best, maybe this way 60 content is ruined the least.

I play a hunter, I’m aware.
But read what they said, again:

We intend to follow our once-per-week class adjustment schedule and take the time needed with class adjustments to not make too many changes too hastily, particularly when it comes to power reduction or “nerfs”.

What they have done is completely in line with that.

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Dont worry be week 3 of p3 frost mages will pass ranged hunter in dps. And blizzard will think they are doing a good job because frost mage isnt the bottom dps any more.

All 3 ranged hunter specs will take that place.

But hay, at least we bring lion so we might still get a raid spot, oh wait the melee hunter has it covered.

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Apart from the particularly when it comes to nerfs part.

Their buffs are mostly useless and their nerfs are heavy handed.

Even the living flame nerf was heavy handed while the frostfire buff was useless.

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They gutted hunter p1, with hasty poorly thought out guttings of abilities. The full results of that is on display here in p2. Though they gave melee hunter an absolutely busted rune to try and force hunters to be melee.

Maybe by p3 we will be able to beat p2 tank dps! …

Blizzard is not doing their job. Tell me how hard would it be to try making sniper training take 4 seconds to activate and have 2 second grace period where the buff stays on for 2 seconds after moving?

Or letting it effect AUTO SHOT

Or even give serpent sting some rap scaling and tone down the damage bonus chimera shot gets from it?

Or add rap scaling to fire traps while using trap launcher rune?

There are dozens of options more effective LONG TERM to nudge ranged hunter dps up. Instead they are stuck doing buffs that actually make the class even less healthy for pvp and bot friendly.

Chimera shot buff increases burst damage output in pvp.
Explosive shot base damage buff (which shares a rune slot with chimera) helps bots need less gear to do aoe farms. If they buffed the SCALING it would make bots have to get more gear before the aoe farm was effective.
And the steady shot buff still leaves it so undertuned its laughable. If there is a 0 movement fight with 0 interupted casts, and 0 auto clips, steady shot is around 10 dps better than expose weakness. The moment you interrupt a single steady shot EW is better. Thats how poorly tuned it is.

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Theyve become hypocritical to their own ideas.

  • all of p1 and p2 to buff frost mages (deliberately thrown in the gutter spec now)
  • nerfed hunter to oblivion where scaling is complete garbage
  • spriests will still kill you with their dots alone even after 15 secs of you having killed them (did you really win?)
  • enh shamans 1v5 every group in STV, best tank while dishing out more dps than actual dps classes
  • Prot warriors being absolutely trash
  • arcane mages hitting two buttons and calling it outplay

Great going blizz…


I read that as
‘we will try not to nerf you randomly throughout the week’ (aka explosive shot immediate nerf). Which is likely the way they intended it, due to so much backlash about random nerfs on day 1 or 2.

They’ve done tuning every week, so I don’t know what his point is. He just likes to complain.

By the way, the vast majority of players just have fun playing SoD. A handful of forum posters whining constantly about balance means nothing to Blizzard.

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Cant feel bad for a class that has the option to be good. I feel for rogues.

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Or maybe you can’t read.

Yeah, im going cata as soon as it drops and may just play beta til then personally