Weekly class tuning.. lol

Well, incrementally adjusting things on a frequent basis is a fantastic way to balance things

They do weeklyish updates and tuning but the problem is that they’re either extremely drastic in the swing of abilities, rendering them useless, or do so little they don’t matter whatsoever, followed by not making further adjustments the following week on the same classes that need adjustments

Steady shot is just bad. It would only be used as marksman and there’s barely any time to even consider incorporating into a rotation. It would need a complete rework to be useful, such as casting it twice reduces the casting time of aimed shot or something… and then they probably won’t even touch hunters for a few more weeks. That’s the issue


The change to living flame was for from heavy handed. But hey, keep being chicken little and ignoring that they’re doing exactly what they said.

SS was originally the BM shot, and it still is - they don’t have Aimed Shot and their multi-shot can be dropped. So I suspect it’s intended for their use.

I just want to know who is coming up with these runes, and why they made them so powerful. Just a few conversations with really high end players could have told you these abilities would be a nightmare. Prime example: Any caster PvPer would have informed blizzard that giving priests 3 pets in classic, where spell pushback is infinite, was a terrible idea. Things like this are so obvious to good players, but so lost to this team. It even sucks in retail. Nobody likes doing arena with 4000 pets running around. Another example: Charge in combat. What a great way to make a mele vs caster nightmare. Classes like mages who’s mobility kept them alive are now screwed to rogues and warriors. Warlocks who need 1 window of mele distance to survive now will never get one.

Some of these runes were just unbelievably terrible from a pvp perspective. Ramp-up damage from abilities like incinerate was smart. Haunt giving a messily 20% damage increase was smart. Mages ooming themselves in exchange for 100-0’ing somebody was unbelievably stupid. Tank runes with flat out damage/crit reduction and huge HP gains were obviously going to be a pvp nightmare. I just can’t get over how OBVIOUS these issues would be.

Free wrath for druids is an example of a wonderful rune. My Neverending Soul Vessel in my bag is an example of a wonderful item. Sleeping bags were dope too. 1200 damage moving drain lifes was a terrible idea. Like why is my chaos bolt 64 mana? Baseline it does over 700 damage. Shadow bolt does 429 damage for more than 3x the mana. SoD is a mess and just a weird retail hybrid. It doesn’t feel like classic, where the world, dungeons, and player power are all completely in tune. Classic shouldn’t need HP scaling.


WoW players + ability to read =/= existing.

To them if it’s not always drastic changes that either make or break things, it’s not considered tuning.

It’s completely changed their rotation lol. Keep white knighting blizz and you might get invited to the cosby room. :kissing_heart:

Too bad it’s a dps loss to take steady shot over expose weakness for BM still. So it did nothing to improve hunters dps.

2 different topics as fast as you out them out…

Someone is lonely :smile:

One begot the other.

i got in the cata beta yesterday, I’m playing the a hunter on there and guess what… steadyshot sucks there too


I am not interested in a parasocial relationship with forum dwellers.

Why’d you come onto me then?

Yeah, I’ve stopped playing. This game has been such a wreck this entire phase in pvp. Zero attention has been given to a game that is outright busted

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You know why i came here…

I got NOTHING going on in my life right now. On a flight from Indiana to Arizona. Losing my mind… lol

Lmao who? Bro cata is basically sugar free retail. Just play retail at that point.

Yeah that’s why 70% of the players left after P1.

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I agree that it wasn’t enough to make it worth using, I disagree that they didn’t make a weekly update.

What did you expect them to do, buff it to 200% damage, realize it was OP then dial it back to 75%, realize that was too week, blast it up to 150%, then finally scale it to 90%?

That is a horrible way to tune classes.

Source needed.

No one is aware of how many players there are beyond Blizzard

Ironically both of these can be true.

um we had class adjustments this week, very minor ones but they did do some lol. living flame nerf (which is actually kinda huge for pvp cause you can easily outrange it before it hits now) and the steady shot buff which obviously did nothing but it’s still tuning!

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Stop nerfing, why not buffing the weaker class?
For example, having an op shaman tank is good for a raid group. Just buff the reset so we can finish gno in 30 min. You dont get anything for raiding anyways due to rngs, why waste time and make it longer