Weekly Bonus Event: World Quests

Weekly Bonus Event: World Quests

Chart a course across the Dragon Isles for this week’s Bonus Event – World Quests.

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Is there a level requirement to get the 10 world quest bonus? Unable to get this quest on my level 65 alts.



Good thing I did all of the WQs yesterday without knowing about this quest.

I can only hope there’s at least 10 on the next reset.


There was 12-14 up before, so you should be good :slight_smile:

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But this mission was already available yesterday.
I completed it yesterday.

In the middle of Valdrakken there was one of those super-strong dragon men with a mission that until a few days ago he didn’t have.
I just went to see what it was and it was this mission.

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I have quests all over the place that I’m ignoring because I want to use their rep for the (now) 3000/week quest. So, those quests are kind of buried in the noise at the moment. I’m using WQs and events towards the weekly rep quest, and when those are done, I’ll do the current side quests until I fill it up, then I put them on hold until next week.


Yeah, it looks like 70 only, showed up for this character after I hit that.

But why? This should unlock with Adventure Mode, same as the other “endgame” weekly quests and activities.

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I’m asking why about a lot of the decisions they’ve been making now


Dear Blizzard, please make this quest available to every character that has World Quests on their Dragon Isles map. If a character can do DF WQ’s, they should be able to do this quest. Just let this be a win for alt friendliness.


he doesn’t have it on Dath"remar

Is this gonna be like hunts, where you have to struggle to find mobs that aren’t gray?

Did the same, rip.

woo so exciting, do 10 world quest for little enough rep to ignore its existence… i cant wait till “do 5 pet battles” week…

seriously these “weekly events” are the worst, you wait around for a month and a half to actually have one that you care about, and its content is spent in an hour, maybe start stacking a few of these up so we can have say timewalking every week, i don’t even care if it gives the loot box…

you waste fun systems behind time gates of uninteresting systems, its dumb.

Cool. Sure would go better with daily world quests though.

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Does anyone know if this is worldwide or just for the dragon isles?
I am asking because if this is worldwide, I will do legion and Azeroth world quests too to get the allied race’s rep requirement; if not, then I will fly around dragon isles until I get a world quest to spawn in.

Weekly Bonus “Sign of the Emissary” is everywhere there are WQ.

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Thanks for the reply; this will help me greatly because I might be locked from some dragon Isles WQs due to the story. So being able to run Legion and Azeroth WQs in the meantime will help me a lot.

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this is a bit of a necro but you end up getting one or two levels of renown as a reward. I will take this event every week for a month or two.

500 rep is 1/5th of a renown not 1-2 renowns