Weekly Bonus Event: Enter the Dragonflight Dungeons

Weekly Bonus Event: Enter the Dragonflight Dungeons

Rise above the challenges of this week's Dragonflight Dungeon Bonus Event!

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Heroic Vault gear at a low price? Satisfactory.

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time to dust off the ole WoW client, havent played since the first week of DF

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Just making sure, it has to be only Dragonflight dungeons and only normal or heroic difficulty to get credit?

No. It’s the mythic dungeons to get credit.

You can do normal and heroic queue’d dungeon ONLY for an extra piece of loot but not towards the credit of the weekly quest.

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Got it

Has a reason been given as to why the event quest is mythic only now? Previous expansions it was open to normal and heroic. Really hurts players who don’t run mythics.

They said heroic’s give additional loot.

it has always been mythic dungeons in order to get a heroic raid item for the weekly quest.


An extra chance not to get a drop, woot.


How do you do those dragon emotes?

hwo about you turn on catalyst so people can stop getting timegated from playing the game?

No because then raid scene would die. It’s good they are doing this, getting more people into raid instead of spam M+ to make tier. Just wait it out and you’ll get your tier from M+ eventually.

your in the minority then, pvp scene is almost nothing.

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Maybe offer normal and heroic dungeon versions of the quest that give lower Ilvl gear? So we at least have a quest to do.

??? how low iq are you

the popularity of pvp/pve is irrelevant?

all they have to do is disable the tier sets in pve and problem is solved LOL

also race is over there is no reasno for them to time gate the sets

get a clue

but can it drop tier gear?

4 quick M0s for a heroic piece of raid loot and still GD meltsdown.


Really showing your age, are we? Grow up and mature. Opening a post with an attempt of a fail insult shows your a kiddo who prob plays fortnite.

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