Weekly Bonus Event: Enter the Dragonflight Dungeons

coming from the creature that tried to turn this into a pve/pvp superiority argument

like i said get a clue

When I get this free heroic piece my dopamine hit is going to feel so good


No reason to queue Normal/Heroic and I play alone so with no Auto GF I won’t do Mythic. I dropped the weekly right after I picked it up as it was designed for group players. No sweat, just wanted to let Blizz know this is a wasted week for some players.

No number of “incentives” will change someone’s preferred playstyle…


Wasted week, as in you cant so anything because there is no specififc quest for what you like? I mean, there are weeks of pvp quest, pet battle quest and timewalking dungeons quest. If you dont like a weekly quest then well… Dont do it and thats it :slight_smile:

It’s a wasted week for the emissary quest not the entire game. Like I said, it’s no sweat. Thing is when they frame it a certain way it seems like they are encouraging people into playing dungeons… This doesn’t encourage me to do dungeons and that’s all I’m saying.

It’s not a challenge are something of that nature.

Its always been just mythics, go do M+0 and your good.

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What if its not an upgrade?

Then I break my computer. It’s the only rational response of course!

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Lol of course! :laughing:

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What you all fail to realize is this is Blizzards bait to get you an M+2 key so you then will try M+.

Cleared 4 mythics and was rewarded with a 411 DPS trinket. I am a healer. Loot was set to holy. Feels really bad for the effort to shard an endgame trinket.


This should be a weekly quest every week and mythic 0 should be on dungeon finder already.

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sure, but that’s every weekly quest

I got a 408 mace, thamk loot gods.

I did this day 1 on my Preservation Evoker (with Preservation set as my loot choice) and got a 405 dps trinket. Feels bad, Batman. Oh well. Such is life, though I would like it if Blizzard would remove dps trinkets from Healer loot possibilities!

Unless it’s side grade. Then it’s pretty much mao…

Got 2 rare trinkets outta these boxes. I used the shock one in pvp and it crit for 400k lol.